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speak a no down her, she began to curse,louboutin pas cher, to fight this thing every day!””The want to go home to see her mother’s side no longer say anything, but I did not expect to be forced to meet the next day. I felt ridiculous, see the side to get married, really too hasty, angrily, they agreed down.

hoping someone to help her come up with ideas, going back to her daughter of the bride price money to the former.10 days ago, the son of Li (pseudonym) from Shenzhen to get home, quietly and married less than six months, Zhao Li (pseudonym) divorced. Angry, anxious to see the irreparable Wang Goddess, she hopes the former daughter-bride price money can be returned to ten thousand. The day before yesterday afternoon,woolrich uomo, Wang Li Zhao’s maiden Goddess found, Li Zhao did not put the money back eventually Empress Wang, also reported to the police,woolrich online, the woman out the door please.”I do not think she has anything wrong, I would not have helped my mother for money, I hope my mother can get a lesson!” Yesterday morning, the reporter interviewed Li Zhao Li refused the request,parajumpers, saying only that I want her to find their own happiness,pjs doudoune, I hope my mother to let this thing of the past.The idea for his son, Wang empress did not agree. “He is too honest,scarpe hogan, we are not good for him!” Wang empress said she will continue to beg for bride price money.Meet the next day, the two married reminders38-year-old Li Ping in Shenzhen, a company sales. Watching his son almost forty or single, Wang empress very anxious, not only often forced to son, also introduced his son to spend time around the object. Last November, a relative of the work was still in Beijing, Wang Li Zhao introduced to the empress.Qingming holiday this year, Li and Li Zhao met back from Shenzhen, the two met the next day,hollister, the two elderly mentions marriage. One day before the Ching Ming.

Li Zhao went to Shenzhen to find Li Ping, Wang empress was glad she thought that before long he will be able to grandchildren. August, the daughter came back from Shenzhen,woolrich parka donna, and did not see Wang Goddess,parajumpers pas cher, noninterference in-law still live two lives.October 13,parka woolrich, son suddenly came back from Shenzhen. 14 afternoon, Wang empress thinking about her son back to his wife a son called on people to dinner.”Mom, Do not you toss again, and we am divorced!” Son of a word, let a moment Huanguo Lai Wang empress, then Kuma up.Wang empress think the reason his son to divorce because his wife to hide something, to deceive his son’s feelings. Wang empress grew more and more gas, she had resolved to make the bride price money back!Son,barbour paris, are being forced to momYesterday morning, the reporter linked to Li. Talking about this “flash flash from the marriage,” Li said: “The long wanted to end up, has always been angry with my mom just started.”In recognition of Li Zhao ago, Li felt like a mother to marry himself Jingu added,christian louboutin paris, “every day called to read.

Wang advised the empress with a curse even let Li and Li Zhao receive a certificate. In the afternoon, Wang empress save himself for several years more than ten thousand dollars forced upon the Li Zhao, “I’m thinking about the future of his own family man, my heart is very happy.”Start, Li Zhao has not received, the last empress Wang saw some angry,basket louboutin, only to accept the money.On the third day after marriage,woolrich outlet online, Li went back to Shenzhen,hogan rebel, Li Zhao went back to her family. Normally, Li Zhao Jia went from less, just to encounter the empress Wang Morning Every morning when relatives ask daughter’s situation.In mid-May.

not the real thing will not brake this unhealthy trend.” Su Liu said.Many experts believe that a lot of historical and cultural cities of historical and cultural blocks adverse tendency of large demolition and construction,louboutin homme pas cher, but also the interior and local government owe scientific performance evaluation methods have a great relationship. Many city managers in order to seek promotion of capital in any hurry to get inside tangible achievements, the most direct way is to rapidly increase GDP.”Major demolition and construction of historical and cultural extremely irresponsible attitude and approach. Assessing government not only from the GDP,modelli hollister, but also to emphasize its contribution in the protection of local culture and the local ecological environment.” Su Liu,louboutin pas cher, said.Su Liu said: “The first principle is that Heritage Authenticity, which requires ensure continuity of traditional life in order to do if you travel, do business, to all the people driven out of old neighborhoods.

that would be greatly reduced Authenticity life. continuity is completely gone. “(Original title: Xinhua Survey: Focus historical and cultural city “demolition of the old Jianxin” strange phChongqing Morning News reporter Shi HengChunlong Yu intern reports63-year-old Wang empress can not imagine how big his own life for his son to waste effort to solve, but only lasted half a farce, but also take into hard able to save the pension money.Son of divorce, she came to the door to discuss the bride price”Well to divorce on good terms, that thousand dollars is my coffin ah!” Yesterday morning, Bishan empress Wang called the Chongqing Morning 966 966 hotline.