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basic units, contracting businesses and the public,louboutin shoes, and accordingly introduce relevant policies carefully. By then, we will announce the latest situation through the media (the press conference time separately). “Once considered social management innovation samples Bao’an District of Shenzhen City, “chased outsourcing” into controversy. Why urban management service to be “outsourced”, whether we can “outsourcing” government procurement of services “bottom line” for them? Some experts believe that whatever the fate of Shenzhen,barbour pas cher, “chased outsourcing” system ultimately how the government in public service exactly how the introduction of market mechanisms has become an unavoidable problem.”Tube, but to the” birth of new models of urban managementOctober 2007.

the contractor Shenzhen Luohu, Futian 10 street urban management services property Ding Hong was broke “on cottage law enforcement vehicle.”In 2009, Zhengzhou City, city inspectors will also test the water tasks outsourced to property companies, but because the law enforcement sparking more than was eventually halted. These “bad news” for the public on the “urban management outsourcing” doubts.Can chased service outsourcing”Chased outsourcing” has been denied some legal experts. Anonymity of administrative experts to China Youth Daily reporter, said: “Law enforcement is not the legitimate status of urban management, urban management and outsourcing is not illegal,christian louboutin shoes, is like subcontracting, but because the inspectors themselves do not have law enforcement powers , let alone the right to outsource this statement of law enforcement. “”Chased the legitimacy of the existence itself controversial. Budget funds did not give the inspectors.

Bao’an District,louboutin, Shenzhen street began to explore a new kind of urban management mode, the core measure is the introduction of enterprises to participate in the management of urban neighborhoods. That year, Xixiang street and Xin Yun Zi property management company signed a one-year “Integrated Management Services Experimental Garden District contract.”Under the contract, Xin Zi Yun inspect the property to be municipal facilities management contract,abercrombie fitch, clean up dead,doudoune pjs, integrated law enforcement team to assist law enforcement to assist in urban management,abercrombie milano, urban management department 13 “integrated management services.”Why must find a new urban management model? February 2007, Shenzhen,abercrombie outlet, the first in China to start street urban management reform,air jordan femme, the original scattered in more than 21 departments of administrative enforcement powers of industry and commerce, health,tn, environmental, cultural and other centralized delegated to the streets of urban management. The reform initiatives aimed at improving the efficiency of urban management. However,tiffany italia, the streets of urban management personnel and lack of investment has become constraints reform. In this context, Xixiang Street began trying to “another way.”In practice, a few months later, Xixiang experience as a successful model of gradual promotion in Shenzhen. March 2008 to May 2009, there have been Sichuan, Jiangsu and 156 missions to the Garden District Xixiang study,giubbotto woolrich, learn.However, around the “transplant” Xixiang experience in the process, “negative news” is also up more gradually. For example.

their inspectors outsourcing company in its declared “martyrs” title. Half a month ago, Shenzhen police investigation found that actually the backbone with Gong wave nature of organized crime gangs, chased by the name of the long-term to collect “protection money” to traders jurisdiction.Whether Shenzhen “city management outsourcing” system will be canceled, a time to be questionable. However, the Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau has not made it clear, originally scheduled in August 14 press conference was canceled.August 14 at noon, a message Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau official microblogging release said, “In response to recent media and the public service outsourcing chased hot, we attach great importance, has launched in-depth research, listen to the experts needed.

is how to fund urban management,louboutin heels, and how to spend,woolrich milano, it is a black hole. The law does not authorize urban management, urban management authority is transferred to another institution it if you continue to outsource, such accidents will happen. “China Youth Political College law professor Yang Zhizhu told China Youth Daily reporter.However,barbour france, the presence of the inspectors in China has more than 10 years,christian louboutin mens shoes, and almost let a contract,abercrombie & fitch, “but to control” functions. In other experts,woolrich parka, the “city management outsourcing,” the real question is not whether it should be canceled.