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although there are appropriate standards, but because of wide range of large,louboutin shoes, difficult to manage, now has some out of control, wastewater for irrigation failed to perform according to relevant standards, resulting in sewage contains toxic sewage and hazardous substances to soil,cheap louboutins shoes, groundwater and crops irrigated areas of various degrees of damage. The seepage wells,parajumpers pas cher, extensive use of seepage pits resulted towns large shallow groundwater contaminated to varying degrees, for industrial production, people’s life and human health harm. “Earlier than 10 years ago is that, with the drilling technology to recharge underground liquid perfusion or to conduct production or emissions already in the petroleum, chemical,giubbotti moncler, nuclear industry and other areas of application.For example, the oil industry is widely used in oil and formation water injection enhanced recovery recharge,parajumpers paris, surface water injected into the ground every year, the total amount of recharge water and oil used in EOR polymer containing liquid, estimated at hundreds of millions of cubic meters. By the end of 1999,tn air max 2014 pas cher, China has various oilfield injection wells total of 10,chaussures louboutin,749,cheap christian louboutin shoes, open wells rate of 70.4%.Although there is no scale, but all kinds of Chinese perfusion activity has gradually begun. According to SEPA Technology Standards Department report said it was “seriously out of control.” Report summarizes the reasons, the first is “no clear management sector”,felpe hollister, in addition, a lack of laws, regulations and technical specifications.These problems continue to this day.Who is responsible for groundwater managementSecretaries of the Ministry of Water Resources an “Oriental Outlook Weekly”.

said: “Groundwater management involves multiple departments,barbour femme, functions of the division in question really make good underground water, the need for coordination among the various departments,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, or build an effective platform for cooperation. . “He told the reporter,abercrombie pas cher, in accordance with laws and regulations, administered by the Ministry of Water Resources of groundwater should be unified. But we must have a system and a set of management personnel and equipment,piumini moncler, such as the need to monitor, but is responsible for personnel and equipment are classified as groundwater monitoring mining sector, land ownership Ministry of Water Resources has not only management functions management system.

this time it has seemed urgent task has so far failed to materialize.9 years ago,christian louboutin for cheap, the report said all kinds of perfusion act “out of control”10 years ago,abercrombie fitch, in August 2003, the former State Environmental Protection Administration and the US Environmental Protection Agency in Beijing jointly held a seminar underground perfusion and monitoring technology, China has more than 70 areas, including four academicians,nike tn, including from the environmental, geological representatives of economics, management and other aspects of participants. This is the first official Chinese government for over half a century in the US practice of deep well injection technology to show interest.December 16,abercrombie paris, 2004,christian louboutin sale, the former State Environmental Protection Administration Technology Standards Department submitted a “proposal on the supervision and management of technology and the development of industrial waste underground perfusion China” proposal bluntly current sewage treatment and sewage disorder caused by irrigation Hazard: “Sewage and wastewater for irrigation.