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I dumped the stack of money to him after he crossed rob dolls, doll also want to take away . But do not go with him anyway doll, still struggling, he angrily took hold of the bridge outside doll is also threatened me, saying ‘Do you believe I’m going to leave baby’. I say he is your support, you dare to he left to go, did not think he really leave the baby to go. “Recalled the scene, Lee started to cry: ” not Gallic, how he was so heartless.” As to whether the husband is the only tragedies drunken impulse, Binbin mother said her husband usually good drinker, then watched him no tipsy.Progress No serious child has been taken away by police fatherBin-Bin was taken to hospital after the doctor of their wounds were cleaned and made a body check. Fortunately,louboutin soldes, in addition to skin trauma, the Bin-Bin does not matter, but the doctor said the child remains hospitalized for observation for several days.In addition to physical trauma.

he called Bin-Bin, 3 years old this year. Binbin left corner there is a very visible injuries, back a large area of � ruising.According to Bin-Bin’s mother Lee said they are Chuxiong Zai town in the afternoon, she and her husband married 10 years, and now have two children, 10-year-old son has been in elementary school, the younger son 3 years old. Because her husband often drink, drink also hit, so their relationship is not good. October 15, Lee was again beaten after her husband left home with Binbin back to her family.The old man died a few days ago, she was working outside the funeral home, at relatives and friends persuaded, for children, she and her husband reconciled. The day before yesterday, they turn to Chuxiong account for Bin-Bin, lunch husband drank a bottle of wine, the couple also had a quarrel. Angrily, they decided to divorce. But the road to divorce proceedings, the husband has made the outrageous behavior.”We just went on the bridge, because I took him 3,000 dollars, he asked me to show him the money.

Yang Jianzhong analysis, Bin-Bin father this aggressive behavior is likely to be under the influence of alcohol impulse of. Due to the long-term fight Binbin parents fight, so he questions the existence of the missing sense of responsibility to some extent. Yang Jianzhong said the pressure of modern living, a lot of outside pressure will not resolve the often passed on to the family, so the family conflicts frequently. For such cases, he suggested that the two sides should strengthen communication between husband and wife.

but Lee is more worried about children’s mental health: “After the accident Binbin seems to become very timid, has been hanging around my arms, do not want to speak with people, he suddenly asked me last night. ‘Mom, Dad left me to go, and why?’ I really do not know how to explain with the child, if the child mind it left a shadow of how to do. “After the incident, Bin-Bin’s father was taken away by police investigation. Lee declared that the matter has now, she divorced her husband anyway, and never talk to such a person had to go on.Lawyers Sound The father or convicted of manslaughterYunnan Lawyer Li Tao moon that in this incident, the father’s behavior has violated the law, he will be a three-year-old child being in a car is likely to be killed in the environment, have constituted an indirect intentional injury, so the child’s father could be sentenced to intentional homicide.Psychological experts The next two weeks to pay close attention to changes in child psychologyAccording to the director of the Clinical Psychology Second People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province.

immediately put the baby up, or else if the driver did not see the children passing by, the consequences could be disastrous.”After the child was crying more than hold up has been left bruised eyes, a lot of blood. Then the child’s parents ran down from the bridge, call the 120 emergency phone, and soon the children would be sent to the Chuxiong Prefecture People’s Hospital for treatment. The child’s father, were taken away from the police station.Party My husband often fight28 afternoon, the reporter in Chuxiong Prefecture People’s Hospital inpatient saw children being dropped flyover.