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Zhangzhou spread, causing a panic.

I looked a little angry, flags are not all that right, portrait photos are online ah. Prior to May this year,louboutin, I affixed Geng Yanbo’s portrait on his van, drove to the publicity, went xibaipo, Wutai Mountain, Shijiazhuang, Xingtai and other places. Others are baffled. Turn a few days,nike tn, I came home and found what effect did not play.Reporter: Do you want to have any effect?Zhaoyun Xiao: I think it should be like Jiao Geng Yanbo, as people have recognized it. Results of people did not believe his story. I would sum up experience, printed promotional materials (Geng Yanbo personal stories).

Hebei Zhangzhou license specializing in building leaks van, black windows,air jordan, outside can not see inside, in fact, the ‘pull dolls’, according to provinces caught confessed that they do not pay attention while the adults, pulled the baby in the car, some to make money, some organs and sell them … “For a time, this information caused netizens crazy pass.In this regard, Zhangzhou Xiangcheng police responded that this message has been in Xining, Baoji, Taizhou and other cities spread in this month on the 15th, and around the police have confirmed that the information is false information. After recently,bijou pandora, the rumor has been maliciously changed the location Zhangzhou.

in Datong posted. It has been posted out two or three million copies. And later went to open the van xibaipo other places. Now spent a total of 45 million. Home is not supported, relatives and friends do not understand, my wife, you see now ignored me.Reporter: Do you so advertised Geng Yanbo, there is no one said you were utilized?Zhaoyun Xiao: Yes, but they could not get evidence. There are some who do not understand Datong Geng Yanbo,boutique louboutin paris, but also part of his support, as well as donations to my old comrades. Some say that the demolition of the Mayor Geng Yanbo,air max bw pas cher, but he split mainly shantytowns, his demolition brought me tangible benefits.Q: What are the benefits?Zhaoyun Xiao: our village called permanent village. In recent years,hollister homme, the demolition of the village,hollister online, I had a small shack, relocation compensation is 9648 yuan, the repurchase price is 10 008 $ 1,000 $ 6,barbour paris,000 I’ll stick it into a private; in addition, I have in the village It took more than forty thousand yuan to buy a house of 70 square meters; now the formalities have been done. I had a hammam and washing plant on arable land himself demolished, parted my two dressing rooms and a hall area of ��200 square meters, worth more than 200 million yuan; open next year. I now live in this house is 106 square meters, is the new rural construction built house. So I have a base Thanksgiving. During this interrogation transcripts where I said that.Reporter: police how you evaluate it?Zhao Yunxiao: no evaluation, he credited to the record in the.Why do these”My father had taught me to be grateful.”Reporter: So you talk about yourself.Zhaoyun Xiao: I was a kid and broke his right leg, and now his right leg is shorter than his left leg three or four centimeters. Junior high school, farming. After the reforms, dry individual.

buying a car ran transportation, opened the bathhouse and car wash plant. After the 2007 bathhouse and car wash plant demolition, I stay at home,air max 1 pas cher, help the occasional friend of the site.I’m very emotional Communists, is founded. My grandfather has a disability, the original Shining eggs,basket louboutin, street small businesses, has provided intelligence to the Eighth Route Army. My thirteen-year-old father gives to play long-term employment,air max pas cher chine, the city still bear excrement had to sell, and later for others the army, and later joined the People’s Liberation Army. My mother was an orphan, was adopted 89 years old my grandfather. My grandfather was a bricklayer, the purpose of adoption is not money when maidservants. My mother suffered bullying to his home, enough to eat.After the founding of New China,air max, my parents married, with, the government has divided the house, and lived a stable life.You see, this is a 1951 real estate land use permit, which is grass 1952 real estate deed, are given to the Communist Party of my father’s land and housing.Later,nike tn soldes, these rooms and to the parents gave me. I was a child,tn air max 2014 pas cher, my father always taught us that we must learn to be grateful, grateful parents first, second, Thanksgiving Communists. Thanksgiving is the Chinese filial piety. We will be able to reflect the names of four sisters,pandora pas cher, called loyalty, filial piety, Jay.Note: there is one,tn soldes, what is it?Zhao Yunxiao: E … So according to the family’s story, before the National Day this year, I wrote a poem, hair paste it in a few years, called “Towards double, read the party grace”: Beautiful happiness Greater China, national unity and harmonious feeling. Cool shrine big city.

vacation destination. Welcome to beautiful Datong Yungang Buddha bless you. Communists do not forget to turn around, dividing the land purchase production busy. Housing policy heartwarming, rotten room repurchase exchange building. Thank the party live a happy life years long.BEIJING, October 20 Zhangzhou power (and Dan Yu Zheng Yue) Recently, a “Zhangzhou emergence of a license, Anhui, Hebei ‘specializing in building leakage’ van stolen child selling organs,” the information in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province micro-channel users crazy circle of friends pass, causing a panic to some extent. Zhangzhou Xiangcheng police on the 20th said that after the Zhangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade command center and confirmation, Zhangzhou similar alarm did not happen.Reporters saw at the micro-channel circle of friends, the information reads: “Recently,nike tn officiel, a number of streets in Anhui.