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but of the opposite. In the future, according to functional orientation to match all of the personnel policy, to ensure that the grassroots have a good general practitioner, while strengthening grassroots talent flow. Furthermore, in terms of price, but also according to this classification system to design pricing policies clinics.Drugs, Xiao-Fang Han said,louboutins, “Opinions” functional orientation is determined by the drug, the drug is determined not by the level,christian louboutin sale, “not a small hospital, there is no ability and level of medication, it should be a function of what the drug needs with what drugs, a lot of basic hospital The drug must have accompanied. “What services to community hospitals to share? Patients can nearby community rehabilitationXiao-Fang Han said that now a serious shortage of rehabilitation care institutions,giuseppe zanotti, hospitals are not making the big export, to some extent, also makes a large hospital difficult,chaussure louboutin pas cher, overcrowded. Rehabilitation of patients with a very low level, bring a lot of the burden of medical expenses.To solve this problem, “Opinions” that building large hospitals, professional organizations, grassroots medical institutions closely, orderly convergence of rehabilitation care system, accelerate the rehabilitation nursing talents. Establish a sound system of rehabilitation care insurance products.Xiao-Fang Han said that rehabilitation care institutions in the community at present a large number of shortages, the city of some secondary hospital resource utilization is not high.

can direct the transition,christian louboutin outlet, in cooperation with major hospitals into rehabilitation care hospitals, social capital can be attracted to come transformation.”The most important feature is the rehabilitation of primary health care institutions to strengthen the building,moncler, still under the big head.” Xiao-Fang Han said the primary health care sector is the day rehabilitation, inpatient rehabilitation and home rehabilitation combined with the current primary health care institutions have been some attempts, Load rehabilitation function, nearby residents can achieve recovery.According to the “opinions”, the future level of qualified hospitals and community health centers, to establish rehabilitation ward,doudoune moncler, forming inpatient rehabilitation, ambulatory (outpatient) rehabilitation, home rehabilitation in close connection with the grassroots rehabilitation system as soon as possible,christian louboutin paris, while building the institutional care, community care,doudoune pjs, nursing home care service system composed.(Original title: large hospitals will be significantly compreAccording to the British “Daily Telegraph” reported on March 19, a few weeks ago, 58-year-old British woman successfully gave birth to test tube twins to become Britain’s oldest single mothers.”When you hear them cry, you know how much they are energetic,” 58-year-old Carole Hobson said. When the majority of women in this age she began to enjoy their grandchildren retirement, Carole Hobson has chosen to try her life had never experienced role.”In order to complete their mother’s dream,parajumpers paris, I think IVF approach, although for me it is a huge challenge,” has remained single Carole Hobson said.

which is actually a rookie sweater Network Technology Co., Ltd. for employees to purchase. 20:14 tonight, rookie network in its official micro-Bo on the “wings sweater” description of the event,scarpin louboutin pas cher, said it had sealed sweater someone, apologize to the designer. � audiblesAli Park pirated works nowDesigner Ma open letter to seek explanationThis morning,tiffany, the designer Ji Cheng posted on its Weibo one entitled “I just want the original design to have a healthy living space,” the long microblogging open letter questioning the way Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma.

“I did it!”However,barbour pas cher, because of age, Carole Hobson was unable to provide milk to the children, and her strength is clearly inferior to other young mothers. “I can only sleep two to three hours a day,giubbotti moncler, it does make me feel very worn out.” In order for children to drink breast milk,christian louboutin discount, Carole Hobson specially invited a young 20-year-old nanny to help feeding.”I often feel tired, but whenever I hear the child crying, I knew I had to cheer,christian louboutin sale,” Carole Hobson said, “If life can be repeated, I want to at a young age Experience the joy of motherhood,nike air max femme, beating the child to drink my milk. “(Source: China Daily FBeijing News News (Reporter intern Jiahui Wang Ho light) morning,doudoune moncler femme, Ali park employees were blasting buying pirated “wings sweater.” Shortly network Carnival “double eleven” Eve, which enjoys “wings Sweater” design copyright designer Ji Cheng Ma thus wrote an open letter to seek explanation.Lynx Mall relevant responsible person to respond to the Beijing News reporter Yan Qiao said tonight.