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has a huge fear of interests is difficult to stop illegal fishing. Chinese authorities will strengthen in the future or unlicensed sellers be regulated, has control of inflated prices.EdChina Weather Reuters by the strong cold air, October 20 to 22, in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia and northeast China will be significant cooling, local decline of up to 14 ~ 16 �. Meanwhile, the north, the Huang-Huai area of � og, haze will gradually weaken or dissipate from north to south.Yesterday (19),louboutins, a strong surge of strong cold air strikes, its impact, and northwestern, northeastern Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang appeared cool temperatures 14:00 4 ~ 10 �, the local decline has reached more than 15 �.And yet the impact of the cold north.

000 yuan,air max pas cher pour homme, as if there has been “Coral bubble” phenomenon. Under the effect of this boom,nike tn 2014, the Chinese fishing boat or a large-scale illegal fishing situation will be normalized.Reported in China’s largest commercial city Shanghai, within five years ago opened a small store, red coral products on display in a glass case inside the antique wind, processed into a flower shape pendant priced at 10,000 yuan, similar to rosary bracelet priced at 30,000 yuan. Clerk said, these are Japanese red coral.In Japan and Taiwan to catch red coral in China known as the “Red Acre” (AKA), where the darker color called “ox blood red,” the kind of highly respected senior product.According to staff reports.

reducing catches in Taiwan Red Coral these products for use in Japan looks auction in Taipei process, not a stronghold Fujian products from illegal fishing vessels.Because being a soft spot for the rich sought after rarity value, the price rose to 2-3 times when the shop. The store received a Chinese red coral licensing authorities operate,red bottom men shoes, if necessary, the product can be issued for testimonial natural coral.Kyodo also said that red coral trade on the network is also very hot. According to a sales person said, the price has doubled compared to 2013, and is still rising. Japan has become a luxury brand of red coral, women competing to buy the rings, necklaces and other products frequently tens of thousands or tens of thousands.Reported that,nike tn, as long as the bubble does not burst coral.

the Huang-Huai area, fog, haze gradually develop enhanced,louboutin pas cher, Beijing, Tianjin Bureau appeared severe haze.

with an average increase of 16.8%, while the average salary increase in 2013 which is about 7.1 percent three sectors.In addition, radio and television arts and culture industry, telecommunications, and other information transmission services, electrical / electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing,chaussure tn pas cher, mining / geological / metal / oil and agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry,nike tn, fisheries and other sectors also rose a larger increase in 13.3 % -18. Now Network News 50-year-old woman slipped meter cliff after getting lost, but fortunately struggling to grasp the cane miraculously survived. 1 o’clock yesterday morning,pandora pas cher, Yichang Changyang palm Town this “floating” nearly two days trapped 50 meters.

was finally rescued the fire brigade.Women trapped in the 50 m cliffSeptember 27 evening 9:15, Changyang fire squadron received a report, said Lang Town 318 national highway on a hill, a middle-aged woman trapped in one hundred meters of the cliff has been more than a day.11 o’clock that night, more than 10 Changyang fire squadron officers and men rushed to the scene found the woman stepping on twigs, clutching rattan trapped halfway up from the ground about 50 meters into the hillside and the road about 70 degree angle, rugged mountain terrain, mountain bushes, narrow steep, must walk.Because the woman was trapped long time, let the fire brigade and its dialogue son, reminding her clutching the trunk, waiting for rescue. After a difficult line more than an hour before the fire brigade at a local hunters lead the way down.

the old man trapped on a hilltop location.Fire brigade “rock fall” to save”We have a few thick ropes fixed on the trees, the rescue rope down to the position of the elderly.” Fire Squadron instructor, said the old man trapped more than a day without eating, but also suffered a night of rain, some physical overdraft, but the desire to survive not diminished.Subsequently, the fire brigade along the rope down,barbour soldes, the fire helmet,hollister carugate, belts and other protective equipment to be worn trapped, using rope ladders and fire pull her down the hill a little bit put off a cliff. More than 20 minutes later, was successfully rescued trapped down the mountain, the people hanging in the heart finally put down.Rescued son cried,hollister site officiel, clinging to his mother.”I never forgot help. At first fall, I was scared to death,nike air max pas cher, for help for a long time,piumini peuterey, but nobody has responded,tn, I thought no one would come and save me. Fortunately, some passers finally heard my cry for help.” Trapped woman said, on the 26th, she lost after falling from the top, grab a couple of times the slope of the trees did not catch, and finally fell to a small tree, she grabbed the cane, “have been afraid let go “was lucky to survive.(Changjiang Daily correspondent Li Haifu intern Mabel Yuan Hu Xin, Wang Shen Zhu [Global Network reporter Wang Huan reported] Recently,air max pas cher, the Japanese media almost every day will focus on the Chinese fishing boat in the waters surrounding Japan’s Ogasawara Islands jobs. Japanese media generally believe that Chinese fishing boats in the fishing there is priceless ruby � oral. Japan’s Kyodo News reported on November 7, along with economic development,air max femme pas cher, China’s rich increase,chaussures nike tn pas cher, while the red coral decorations processing increasingly popular, senior product per gram price even reached 10.