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followed by artificial respiration,louboutins, cardiac arrest patients for more than a few minutes for help time. Then it is best to keep the patient supine, attention will head to the side,barbour soldes, so that its mouth aspiration of liquid into the lungs, and keep warm.At the same time, around 120 emergency should call as soon as possible. From a professional point of view,louboutins, on the spot to do some rescue measures would be better. Of course, if it is clear that no other trauma patients, can also be directly sent to the hospital.For people who have a lot of underlying diseases, such as hypertension,nike tn 2014, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular problems, and how sharp is recommended not to go out alone at this time, the outside if you feel dizzy, palpitations suited to be on the spot to rest. Coronary heart disease patients should be ready to carry nitroglycerin tablets, rescue Pill and other drugs use.February 2 at 7 am, though mild winter, but the temperature is still low,air max, 29-year-old pulled tight uniforms Huai-wide neckline, so start at the altar as usual patrol outside the South.He is the Dongcheng District Urban Management Bureau directly under a surveillance team members. The team is very strict on the dress, but not warm uniforms.

but also to bring pressure on the child. “Too many people are concerned now she sat Porsche,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, but not to save itself, which in terms of the growth of the child is not a good thing.”Guangzhou No.2 High School’s Mr. Huang said, knew this thing after a teacher was delighted. Every man is goodwill, whether or not two of the students encountered this kind of thing will forward the rescue, this is a glorious education. He said that in the end of the ceremony, when scattered school will be considered again at the school for Xiao Wu praise.Xiao Wu classmates, for this thing, are not willing to say, just say Xiao Wu, the results are usually very good. Xiao Wu a Jiaoshu next class girl Chen with her, said: “Xiao Wu family environment very good, usually with friends is still relatively friendly she was particularly prominent place will taekwondo, heard or Black Belt. “Call newspaper faint clues Ms.Second girl after rescue stories reported by the newspaper,nike tn pas cher, attracted the attention of readers. While commending the girl owed while the case collapsed lady also of concern for many people of good will. Who is she? Where does she live a hospital? Now recovered yet? This reporter yesterday visited a nearby hospital admission was not found Ms. sent.Please lady’s family,air max one pas cher, or to understand the above insider, contact us through the following ways.Rebellion hotline:; microblogging: � little girl named Xiao Wu (pseudonym), will speak fluent Cantonese. � driving a car the day before her.

then have to strive to build “happiness in Guangzhou,” It all depends on public participation. Zhang Youquan believe that with the increased levels of urban civilization, but also the emergence of a more courageous and good deeds.Medical experts:See who fainted best to call an ambulanceRecently, Guangzhou temperature drops, the incidence of some centralized cardiovascular disease,louboutin paris, a similar situation collapsed on the street is very likely to occur. Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, Department of Neurology,air max pas cher, master any sharp, currently is the high incidence of cardiovascular disease,air max 1 pas cher, stroke, cerebral infarction,christian louboutin outlet, coronary heart disease is very common, so that patients with cerebral insufficiency may suddenly collapsed,air max femme pas cher, confusion.HE Rui introduction, if people find someone collapsed on the street,tn requin pas cher, not in favor of just moving on the ground syncope patients, because the patient may fall secondary fractures, non-professionals move may increase the damage. The correct approach should first determine whether the patient has a reaction, there is no breathing – if not breathing you need emergency treatment, the most important measure is to do cardiac massage.

When reporters want to get contact uncle Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu’s class where the teacher came to the classroom,barbour pas cher, in order to protect the students back to the classroom on the grounds so that Xiao Wu.Teacher what the teacher says in class this morning, which has been known to save things Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu in class interior has been praised for. He said Xiao Wu is also just an ordinary student, all the students inside, just ordinary one, “she told the other students in learning about the relationship between the students and also very cordial.” He said the teacher, Media reports good deeds are good.

and together they save the man was her uncle. � save the girl Xiao Wu: “I do not care what people say to me, save the people on the line.” � teacher what the teacher says, Xiao Wu is also just an ordinary student, in which all the students, they are just ordinary one. � Second Mr. Huang said that every man is goodwill, whether or not the student will be approached two rescue, this is a glorious education. � Girls Chen said:. “Xiao Wu and friends usually more friendly she was particularly prominent place will taekwondo, heard or Black Belt.”Officials voice:Fashion reflects the civilized people of Guangzhou(Reporter Ren Chaoliang) enthusiasm for the two girls to save the issue, the reporter interviewed yesterday, Deputy Director Zhang Youquan Guangzhou City, Civilization.”Yesterday’s reports, are great,barbour catalogue, I have carefully read.” Zhang Youquan said the little girl fainted after seeing passers-by stopped to take the initiative and tried to ask, greeting drivers save together a series of actions reflected her purpose is to help others clear. Especially in the next few passers-by did not dare to move forward or when the little girl did not worry,barbour, but did not flinch, indicating that her heart is pure,chaussure air jordan pas cher, and also shows good school and family education. “It appears that the little girl should be 90, her words also reflects the hope that the majority of young people.”Zhang Youquan said retired soldier from drowning person to save lives of ordinary passers-by to rescue collapsed elderly, recently reported several consecutive Guangzhou courageous story to read true for the quality of people’s touched and felt more and more manifest social justice. Guangzhou just took home the “National Civilized City” sign.