Low-carbon Production Will Be Realized in Mine Industry

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Most stone materials are produced by jaw crusher. The crusher has won a great popularity for its economical and practical features, simple structure, low failure rate and easy maintenance. Especially the wear-resistant parts’ service life on jaw plate has been improved by the progress of wearable materials technology. Jaw crusher is the common equipment of mining machine. Using the equipment can improve the dust flies around phenomenon. When you use the jaw crusher without advanced coagulation technology, it will produce the powder which will cause the environment disaster and the harm to the worker. The jaw crusher can be used in mobile crushing station, sand making plant and stone production line.

It has simple structure and reliable working function. It is easy to fix and could improve the working environment. Nowadays, the environmental crisis, energy crisis is becoming more and more serious, has become a social issue of common concern. In recent years, our country adopted various measures to solve the environmental protection and energy crisis, as much as possible, reduce adverse impact of the crisis on the social, economic development caused by them. Especially in the “Twelfth Five-Year” plan, our country has “green development”, “low carbon development” upgrade to a strategic height. In this case, as the crusher enterprise important part of mining machinery in China should be how to do?

First of all, in the enterprise to establish “green development”, “low carbon development” consciousness, from saving every piece of paper, every drop of water, each unit of electricity, the gradual implementation of low carbon development strategy of the company; secondly, to strengthen the scientific research and development, energy saving and environmental protection provide equipment for mining, water conservancy and hydropower, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, to create a good platform for low carbon development of these industries. As a large enterprise mainly producing jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, crushing and screening equipment,Hongxing machine has been promoting green development, hydraulic jaw crusher company production, high-energy hydraulic cone crusher, mobile station and other new products with environmental characteristics of good crushing.

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