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What’s for dinner Curtis Stone,
Hot chef: Curtis Stone at the launch of his latest cookbook “What’s For Dinner,” Photo: Esteban La Tessa
Internationally famous,lululemon pants sale, Aussie born chef Curtis Stone had his own ”ah-ha” moment and it wasn’t when he was on Oprah Winfrey’s show.
”When I was working on [TV cooking show] Take Home Chef I had a revelation that cooking at home is so much harder than we chefs think. I would literally go into other people’s homes and I would see how they cook. The benches and fridges aren’t set out for speed and convenience. So I figured I needed to make things more simple,” he says.
He says the most common question asked in the family home is ‘What’s for dinner,’ and that was the inspiration for his latest cookbook.
Nearly Weds: Lindsay Price and Curtis Stone. Photo: Esteban La Tessa
Each chapter in What’s For Dinner relates to a different day of the week.
”Monday comes after a big weekend and most people want to get their health back on track so there’s Motivating Monday, Tuesday’s always a hectic day at work so instead of ordering takeaway I’ve come up with quick meals for Timesaving Tuesday, in my house I get a cleaner on a Wednesday – yes I get help – so the place is spotless and I don’t want to mess it up so there’s One Pot Wednesday, Thursday you’re thinking about the weekend and spending money so Thrifty Thursdays are the go, Fridays are about fun so I came up with Five Ingredient Fridays,lululemon pants, Saturday is made for entertaining so Dinner Party Saturday is about unleashing your inner chef and finally Sundays are all about family so it’s slow cooked meals to be enjoyed for Family Supper Sundays,” he says.
He believes families should think about health not diets,
Hot chef: Curtis Stone at the launch of his latest cookbook “What’s For Dinner,” Photo: Esteban La Tessa
”Healthy is not low carb, low cal, low taste – it’s about balance. You can taste if it’s healthy or not. There’s no fatty after taste,” he says. ”Just don’t have huge serves. Smaller tastes of good produce will make you really happy and the health comes through.”
He suggests speeding up the cooking and slowing down the eating.
”When you cook prawns leave shells on, just chop the heads off and run your knife down the back [to remove the poo line]. You can ask them to do it for you at Coles,” he says of one of his major sponsors. Maybe if you’re Curtis Stone they’ll do that for you – not sure about regular folk – but we’ll hold him to that.
He also suggests putting newspaper down over the dining room table and embracing getting messy.
”Don’t be afraid to let family members or guests use their hands. It makes them feel part of the process. It also slows down the eating process so people appreciate the flavours and most often eat less.”
His fiance, American actress Lindsay Price, was by his side in Sydney to launch the cook book. The pair met in 2009 on a blind date and now have a son, Hudson.
“Mutual friends decided we should meet,” he says. “I hadn’t seen her show [Lipstick Jungle] and I’m glad ’cause she spent most of the time in her underwear for that character and I would have been too intimidated.”
The charismatic pair have been engaged since July last year and Price has a jawdroppingly large diamond on her finger. ”We’re planning a destination wedding,” she says.
No doubt one of the first phrases toddler Hudson will utter with an American twang will be, “Hey Dad, what’s for dinner,”moreļ¼š

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