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Shanghai Zenith Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional production of sand crushing treatment equipment manufacturers, production sand making machine has been widely used in many city, and obtained a certain result, after the station handled mobile crushing sand can be made of brick building, not only solve the problem of environmental protection also can bring great economic benefits.

Hebei is the birthplace of one of the Chinese nation. Yanzhao earth in the north, the vast expanse of land, North and South Yanshan, inherent territory since ancient times is the Huaxia nationality, has been the national traditional farming culture area, although since ancient times, even after many nomadic south of harassment, but Chinese is always the subject of national of the earth. In China, along with the development of city, the city of sand and discharge quantity also is in rapid growth. People enjoy the city civilization at the same time, also brought in by city garbage troubles, the sand making machine on the possession of a considerable proportion of the total waste, accounting for about 30%~40%, so how to handle and use more and more construction waste, has become an important topic in all levels of government and building garbage disposal unit faced.

Waste in sand crushing, separating the after treatment process, through the electronic device automatically divided into iron, wood and soil and sand type. The Tulsa class decomposition after further processing can also be produced for engineering maintenance, road paving building materials and sand products etc.. As early as 10 years ago, South Korea began to study the sand recycling, at present the country’s sand treatment technology is very developed. But the domestic processing for sand still more by filling depressions, comprehensive treatment and cyclic utilization is rare. Now, the whole nation is actively promoting the construction of a conservation oriented society, the treated building garbage recycling, can reduce the cut from stone and many other effects, is conducive to the protection and conservation of resources, which is part of the creation of a conservation minded society.


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