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Chen Wei was at the end of August mass text message to friends and relatives have said that he is “in the ‘Chinese Dream’ appeal ‘to make this choice.In an exclusive interview,magasin hollister, Chen Wei was further said that he join the enterprise to contribute to national economic development,tiffany italia, is the little Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving in the police) into a large Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving to the country),cheap christian louboutin shoes, but also for the community to make responsible.In the voice of special economic commentator Zhang Lidong view, Chen Wei was the choice, from a personal point of view, there may be some confusion ineffable, “We is not good guess”; and from the company’s perspective, the company has indeed need to have such a good foundation,mulberry outlet, someone who veins. also said that Chen Wei was brought more intangible assets, because he is a rising star in the political arena also played his role. For example, some of his policy proposals have attracted media attention.

media reports, a law firm in Zhejiang has issued such recruitment announcement: Welcome to engage lawyers, prosecutors or trial for more than three years, the lawyers and the prosecutor handling the case other than 20, the judge join.There are also some political and legal system officials resigned after “do not take an unusual way.” CCTV “rich” had mentioned this one: Anren County Judicial Bureau, former deputy director Chen Pengfei resign and go into the office of the farms and the wild boar sold to Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.In addition,nike air max femme, the direction of the sea do CEOs also some political and legal system officials transformation.Back in 2003, Nanchong “Metropolis Woan (or groups of four Chuantai development project in Nanchong metropolis were reported after the masses, authorities identified the project roads are super red, red building super, super building height ‘ three super ‘building, and found the developer to complete the formalities in the process, dinners to national staff) “after the former ShunQingOu Nanchong City Bureau of Justice, party secretary Du Zhaohua, which was invited to join the Metropolitan developer resignation four Chuantai l Group Investment Limited,louboutin soldes, and served as general manager.A few days ago to leave the public security post, go gree as vice president of Chen Wei was more media attention than become typical.Related reports, Chen Wei has 20 years experience from the police, who awarded individual merit a second, two second class, third class four times,christian louboutin sale, was awarded the “National Labor Medal”,abercrombie pas cher, “National Excellent People’s Police” “Guangdong Outstanding Young Guard” and the honorary title, including a plurality of influential “mobile phone real name system” and the proposal was also from Chan’s hands.About to leave the public security post.

the Jiangsu provincial court personnel outflow 2402, of which there are 1850 judges.2008, according to media reports Shandong: Since 2003, Shandong Province,parajumpers femme, a total reduction of three judges of the Court of 2100, the newly appointed judges 1405, the number of judges for five consecutive years of negative growth.Political and legal system in our country,bracciale tiffany, not only judges, prosecutors resign and go into the same situation exists. Anhui,parajumpers paris, there have been a lot of cases the prosecutor to resign as a lawyer, had made public.Rule of law Weekend reporter when finishing the report found that in the legal profession is that many judges and prosecutors who resign and go into the “preferred.” Some law firms are particularly favored by the law enforcement authorities who has extensive experience in handling cases.2009.

” the judge now has nearly forty years,christian louboutin outlet, has tried for 12 years experience, a time when the golden period of his career judges.In fact, the political and legal system officials resign “sea” is not a new phenomenon. However, behind these officials resign phenomenon of Political Science, but hidden question worth considering.According to media reports, in 2012,barbour femme, a Beijing primary courts, there have been a dozen judges left, impact to trial.Insiders Court of anonymity,red bottom shoes, said that with this year and next year the Court’s first “five years of service,” Judge service expires, Beijing court system may have a group of young judges leave. This is for the courts and individual judges will be a huge loss.Beijing not only that, this year’s “two sessions” country,moncler outlet online, Xu Fei former Jiangsu Province Higher People’s Court also revealed: 2008-2012 June.

Chen Wei was a “political and business transformation” inadvertently sparked widespread concern.The evening of September 4, Gree’s announcement that the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau to appoint former Director of the Political Department of Personnel Chen Wei was vice president of Gree. Gree According to insiders,christian louboutin discount, Chen Wei was responsible for human resources and security Gree.Some media reports,tn soldes, Chen Wei, 41, is the 11th and 12th National People’s Congress,hogan scarpe, once known as the Guangzhou public security system rising “star.”Coincidentally, just last month, media reports said recently in a Beijing hospital also has three judges resigned, one of whom went to a well-known site to do “legal.