Maintenance Of Production Line Of Circular Vibrating Screen

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Whether in the sand production line or in crushed stone clay brick making machine in india production line, circular vibrating screen are essential equipment, circular vibrating screen is selected which after a broken and two broken gravel materials meet the size requirements of aggregate conveying to the finished product the heap, which do not meet the requirements of gold mining equipment for sale south africa the return to the two level of the crusher to continue the crushing and processing. We maintain the production line, we should not only pay attention to production line equipment, but also on the circular vibrating screen well maintained.First of all to carry out regular maintenance can timely find problems of circular vibrating screen. Maintenance includes timely adjustment of belt tension on circular vibrating screen, change the sieve surface wear and longitudinal strip, replace the shock absorber spring, replace the bearing, gear and sealing, damaged bolts replaced, repaired the sieve frame construction damage. Secondly, under the screen to check whether the crack beam circular vibration, if the cracks would be timely replacement. Thirdly, to check the circular vibrating screen after removal check roller bearing wear, including gear tooth surface, each component connection, periodically clear the circular vibration sieve box with attached on the surface. Finally, note that should be re tensioning a screen after every 4-8 hours of circle vibrating screen, until fully tensioned.Our company supplies turnkey dolomite crushing plant the commonly used jaw crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher and impact crusher and so on.In general, a sand production line requires at least 2-3 circle vibrating screen, if you use the maintenance properly, will not only affect the mechanism of sand refined grain type, but also increase the user’s cost of production. So the rational knowledge of sand production line equipment of circular vibrating screen is very important.