Some Methods Used to Calculate the Power of Genset

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Starting of the diesel generating sets is a complicated process, during which conversions of various types of energy are directly related to normal startup of diesel engines. Understanding the startup principle and conditions of diesel engines is of great importance for our analysis and solution to startup and maintenance. Generally speaking, the diesel generator set adopts electric startup.

You may need to know the KWH, or the kilowatt-hours of electricity your diesel generator produce if you use a diesel generator as the power source. There are various kinds of diesel generators both at home and abroad and all machines have different KWH. Generally, one kilowatt hour is equal to 0.746 horsepower.

You should be clear of the horsepower of the engine of your diesel generator. The information is usually found on the identification plate on the generator”s diesel engine. The location of the information may differ from engine to engine, but the most often found is the end of the engine”s head or on a special plate that may be bolted upright like a flag on a flag pole to the front edge of the intake manifold. The guide of the operators for the generator set also can show you the horsepower information if you bought diesel engine separately from the generator set.

Then you can start the calculation. Write down the horsepower or enter into a calculator. You can record the information need for a later search and save time. Well, a calculator is steel needed although you record the information on a piece of paper since it has a higher speed. Ensure the information you record is right. The horsepower rating — the effort — is a variable, but the time for both the horsepower used and the kilowattts calculated is a constant one hour. This allows you to convert the diesel engine”s rated horsepower directly to kilowattt-hours. Then you can make the calculation. One horsepower generates 0.746 kw when running generator.