Major Usage and Applications of Diesel Generating Set

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In the first place, let”s get to see the definition and classification of cummins diesel generator set. As far as the definition of trailer type generator set is concerned, we generally define it as a type of power system which consists of several trailer type generators. To be more precise, trailer type generator set is actually a type of mobile power supply equipment. Generally speaking, trailer type generator set can be classified into two major types based on type of generator: trailer type diesel generator set and trailer type gasoline generator set.

Of course, trailer type generator sets also can be divided into several different types according to that of engine. Currently, both trailer type diesel generator sets and trailer type gasoline generator sets are used. However, in comparison to the vehicular type generator sets, trailer type generator sets are more economical and practical as well as flexible to use. Nevertheless, the latter should need appropriate tractors to move. Moreover, if the generator sets are relatively large, the trailer must be equipped with braking systems for guaranteeing safe driving. So, there are some questions taken into consideration when using the trailer type generator sets:

1. When selecting the uniaxial or biaxial trailer as the carrier, it should be based on the dead weight of generator sets to choose carrying capacity of trailer. And more, there is support frame of trailer girders in order to keep balance in parking time as well as lighten some loads of damping steel spring plate, resulting in avoiding the loss of its elasticity.

2. When China diesel generators are working or the trailer is moving, it should be considered rainproof, dustproof and shockproof. At the same time, it should be equipped with switchboard and short circuit protection switch as the generator sets are outputting. And the mounting height should be easy for ground operations.