Materials of High Hardness Is Not that Hard to Crush

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Aimed at this problem, Hongxing makes the cone crusher to tackle the crushing of hard rock, which can not only guarantee the output capacity, but also can decrease the cost for changing spare parts. Why Hongxing’s cone crusher can cope with the wearing of hard rock? The reason lies at two points: one is the technical design of structure, and the other point is the strict selecting of raw material. The infrastructure development is closely related to sand making and crushing industries. The construction of railway, highway, buildings, water conservancy facilities an so on, all need to use a lot of sand and construction aggregate. Sand making machine plays an irreplaceable role at that time.

In fact, the parts of cone crusher who play the most important role in the crushing are the mantle and bowl liner, who are made of steel with Mn element. Hongxing’s cone crusher has experienced a lot thus it is reliable. The hardness of material is always needed to be taken into consideration when we choose a crusher. When it comes to the hard rock, some crushers have to turn to failed because the high cost for spare parts resulted from the serious wearing and tearing.

In addition, Hongxing adds the hydraulic chamber-cleaning system and spring-protection system on the cone crusher and makes it more safe and convenient. If you need to crush the hard rock but do not want the serious wearing consumption, please take cone crusher into consideration. Gypsum industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, so the demand for drying hammer crusher is also growing. Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. engaged in mining machinery industry for more than ten years, through introducing Germany advanced technology, independently developed the DSJ series drying hammer crusher. With reasonable and reliable processing technology, high quality materials and advanced automated processing equipment, Hongxing DSJ series drying hammer crusher has stable and reliable operation and convenient maintenance. All indexes of the DSJ series drying hammer crusher meet the national environmental protection requirements.