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Company development and production of the vertical roller mill series products are LUM series and LM series two, many of these two kinds of products can be grinding material type, and because the powder material fineness of grinding materials after getting it belongs to medium fineness,has been applied in many industrial fields, so the vertical mill grinding in mines in the industry more and more widely used. Especially recently, vertical milling machine design company set up coal mill, while domestic coal enterprises more, so the coal mill demand led to the vertical mill is more widely used.

The extensive use of the mill has also brought some new user needs, like grinding machine installation, repair, debugging, some items below for vertical milling machine milling production line in installation process need to pay attention to a simple description.

Firstly, mill production equipment is installed on a concrete foundation, each device needs to use the base and concrete foundation is fixed, in order to prevent what accident in production process, so in the installation before the first to build the foundation. In addition, the foundation construction need in accordance with the requirements of the design of the production line to build, need of fault repair space, based on the surrounding space is reserved and machine operate some addition, even for some lifting device, inspection device arranged space etc..

Secondly, the installation of machine must be strictly in accordance with the installation drawing machine installation diagram and the production line to carry out, and to guarantee to keep the vertical spindle and level after mounting machine surface, and this demand also asked users to based on surface grinding level.

Once again, the host after installation, the other devices are installed, to adjust the vertical distance between the roller and the grinding disc size grinding mill, the general control of the pitch in the three mm to eight mm. In addition, in addition to other equipment milling machine outside the need and the host to keep the material inlet and the outlet is consistent, ensure smooth import and material production line.

Finally, after installation, need from the cabinet there step by step check, guarantee the machine, circuit are correct. And so after installation, can be the best test run for a period of time, about an hour, at this time can make the mill idle, to test production line is intact.