Matters Needing Attention When Operating Double Shaft Beton Mixer

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1. Check whether there is bruised phenomenon between the rotation parts and mixing drum of double shaft concrete mixer, and if there be bruised phenomenon, timely adjust it.
2. Eliminate the sundries in the mixing drum of double shaft concrete mixing machine.
3. Limit the mixing drum body in a certain position before stating double shaft concrete mixer.
4. The rotation direction of mixing shaft of double shaft concrete mixer should match with the sign of the surface signal of mixing large scale grinding mill machines for sale drum.
5. The materials which need to feed into the hopper should be eliminated the metal and other sundries.
6. Set the time of mixing machine according to the mixing time. Please pay attention to adjusting the setting time when the power is cut.
7. Press the start button, and the main shaft will drive the stirring spade work.
8. The concrete mixer will stop automatically when reaching the setting time.
9. Stop to use the concrete mixer before discharging the materials, move the handle to make the mixing drum raymond mill to a certain position, then lock the main shaft, and then discharge the mixture concrete.
portable copper ore crusher 10. Make the mixing drum in a certain position manually when eliminating the mixture concrete.
11. Use water or dry sand to clean the main shaft of mixing drum.