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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Essentially, if you have a group of elevators that are all interconnected, in order to handle a very large workload (say, an office building in midtown Manhattan) you can have the patrons type their desired floor, instead of just up or down, into a main control panel, so to speak, and it will direct them to the elevator where patrons are either heading to that floor or somewhere near, to optimize traffic flow. This particular application, at Rock Center, actually took it a step further and would direct you to a specific elevator after you swiped your security badge to enter, as that information was stored into the ID badge.

. When he has an issue in his business he works til its resolved, but when I told him over and over how difficult it was for me never to orgasm when we had sex nothing changed. He’s a very sweet man and handsome, but while I would like him to be quite dominant sexually he’s quite shy about a lot of things and finds it hard to discuss certain things. I’ve never heard him use the words clitoris, orgasm or even period.


Love and compassion are not feelings that are generated from within the body. These feelings are the essence of what God/Higher Power is. God is love, compassion, peace, truth and joy.

My first idea for how to save money every month is to consider dropping your home telephone service. This is something that is becoming more and more popular, especially as people are becoming more mobile and the alternatives are constantly improving. Skype is another option, allowing you to make calls over the Internet. I am appalled that rather than attempt to do so, and to apply some basic human compassion, Bolsas Michael Kors you have resorted instead to rallying others in the group against her, in what is possibly the hardest and most distressing time in her life. I understand that this was likely not your intention. But the reality is that in the midst of her exhaustion (and also likely shame because it is difficult to face your workmates when they all know your husband is beating you), you have added to the load by getting together to report her behind her back.

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. He says that is when you take a basketful of money to buy a loaf of bread. When I was a boy you could buy ten loaves of bread for one dollar if you could find a dollar. Now we have the situation where a loaf of bread cost about a buck and a half and some people don’t have that kind of money.