Micro Powder Mill Enlarges The Application Of Powder

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At present, Shanghai Zenith provides micro powder mill support for thousands of domestic calcium carbonate enterprises, and Zenith occupies a certain market in the production of micro powder mill. In the price of mobile crushing plant processing of calcium carbonate powder, Zenith is the country’s leading exporter. We all know that after grinded by Raymond mill, high pressure grinding machine, calcium carbonate powder on the fineness cannot meet the requirements of customers. With the development of the society, customers have higher and higher requirements of calcium carbonate powder, and the higher the fineness of calcium carbonate powder portable crusher, the larger use value and the higher activity of it will have, so the application range in industry is much wider. There are a number of manufacturers add micro powder mill on the basis of the coarse powder to produce super fine calcium carbonate powder. Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder refers to the powder fineness is higher than 1000 mesh. After grinded by micro powder mill, calcium carbonate can significantly enlarge the scope of application, such as stone paper, plastic, rubber industry, etc., which greatly increases the value of the calcium carbonate powder. The development of micro powder mill provides powerful dynamic support for the development of calcium carbonate powder. From the perspective of the domestic micro powder mill market, flour mill is developing toward diversification type, high fine degree fineness, and environmental protection for equipment and energy conservation for electric power requirement. The future development of micro powder mill is mainly concentrated in energy saving, environmental protection and improving efficiency. Although Shanghai Zenith has obtained certain achievements on environmental protection and energy saving, the challenges of the future also iron ore processing flowsheet cannot allow to be ignored. Equipment progresses daily and technology innovates every day, and that is not to advance is to go back. So, all of Zenith people will base on the status quo, look forward to the future and make efforts to create micro powder mill to calcium carbonate grinding machine meet the social requirements.