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“Brother, I mean ……” Xu Zailing want and that the car owner to discuss to discuss. “Do not call my brother,mid runner, the money you’re my brother, you call money is not a grandfather.” Quite outrageous car owner waved, his face showing a trace fiercely,Asics gel virage 6 and This foot warmer installs in all types Grundschuls, fiercely and said: “Young man, without further ado, I have no time to tell you a few free bus molars! want to take you on to the next gap, or I’ll put you thrown down. “fat woman is also next to chime in:” Tell him what waste, then ah! so will delay a number of business? “Xu Zailing noticed all the passengers on board are looking at himself, he felt his face is very hot. Return to Wu Mei there is clearly impossible, so reluctantly nodded: “Ok, do not say, do not say, I was under Huokou wants.” Fat woman Pie Zhaozui lip shook his money, said: ” Qi say so early on? Really! “Said, twisted *, his face expression with a victory away rain, Shuttle open out Shiji Li, just to the wilderness, that bald Han will hand throw cigarette butts in the floor and cried, shouted: “Brethren, clear pocket.” shining out of a gang of thugs then jumped up the dagger, directed passengers Scream chaos shouted: “Ladies and gentlemen, Ge Jige recently little hand children tight, you borrow some money. “car mostly Qingyang mountain farmers,Asics Corrido Sneakers and Airjordanheelsorg – Air jordan heels,Jordan hi, humble accustomed. Shining dagger forced up, one by one scared shrink from the neck obediently pay to avoid disaster. Instinctively, the conductor was about to stand up and call out, bald Han slapped his face punched past her flowers. Her hands were also installed ticketed Tahan a purse robbed in the past. Han bald fat face with a knife fiercely resisted intimidate her and said: “Believe it or not, I took you.” Scared the crap out of fat women, fat clinging drilling skull he slides under the chair, huddled shivering, no longer dare to say a word of. Blink of an eye, the gangsters cornered Xuzai Ling on front. Xu Zailing heart pounding beats wildly, his face smiling teeth look out for a few criminals, said: “I’m a doctor.” “Enough talk, the doctor should pay.” Gangsters shook the hands of the dagger. They have the sight of the boy did not know it. That Xuzai Ling wearing a vintage gown Buku soil, a series of face covered with dust, but today is a suit hair bare, only two days of work, his dress changed so much, who put him and that carrying a backpack country bumpkin linked? Xu Zailing continued with a smile: “You guys YINTANG black hair, plainer,onitsuka tiger mexico 66 lauta, a look that body with internal injuries, you must be over plot.” Gangsters were shocked. Xu Zailing still Xiaohe,onitsuka tiger monte pokhara, “These days you are not Xinfu shortness of breath, shortness of breath, parched yellow sputum, bloody sputum, dark and dreary, night sweats more than, walking turbid body weight, the foot has no roots? To the hospital but What’s wrong are not. “small Minions were a little surprised at his face expression, sometimes all stopped. See the action behind the bald Han suddenly stopped, and then shouted: “Mom had a force, how?” One small Minions replied: “Boss, here is a doctor, he saw the man who we have internal injuries.” “There this thing? “Han shook arm came up. “I look.” Xuzi Ling looked at him, continued: “You are being sealed cave, a few days on the waste, and again a couple of weeks waiting to bury it.” Gangsters were He is right creepy calf tendon transfer. Bald man standing akimbo crowd separately Xuzi Ling before he ramps up a Xuzi Ling, said: “lip off skill, said so much in the end you will not cure? Another thing is Mongolia’s quack.” Xu Zailing pondered said: “Governance inverted can cure, but to shoot a hole, two to acupuncture but also with medication, now the car did this condition.” bald Han still do not believe that he write a big mouth and said: “You give me pat point, I see no useful for you to dare pastime Ge Jige us next year, today is the anniversary of you. “Xu Zailing Oh laughed and said:” Good idea! “then included the hand into a fist-shaped, curled into the middle finger conical protrusions, with the cone on the flank in the Han dynasty, rearing the top a few times, and then recover the fist pair Han said: “Take a deep breath, look also it hurt?” Han straining breath. Sure enough, at the soft underbelly of inspiratory pain disappeared, breathing becomes smooth up. Tahan away fierce look, right Xuzai Ling thumbs,onitsuka tiger mexico 66 deluxe and Mens Nike Air Max Sequoia Electric Gree, “you do not see very old Daoxing not shallow! You gave me brothers also pack up.”