Mining and Building Sectors Are Well Combined

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Hongxing has recognized this point in advance, and has been working on the R&D of mobile crushing plant with many efforts; therefore, Hongxing’s mobile crushing plant can meet different demand for the working conditions. Mobile crushing plant is the one who can make the crusher, vibrating screen, conveyors and other machinery together, and that it is removable makes the process of mining and ore-dressing equipment directly go to the working site, which changes the traditional mineral processing craft. With increasing the intensity of high-speed railway, highway construction stone , which also promoted the development of the quarries. The quarry plant Development biggest obstacle is the machine loss and waste of energy-saving direct impact on the economic benefits of the quarry plant.

It has been calculated that mobile crushing plant can reduce transportation costs of mining by at least 30%, and it can greatly improve the ore-dressing conditions, so the integration of mining and ore-dressing has become the trend of mining machinery industry since 40 years ago. Zhengzhou Hongxing has set a number of quarry equipment, model projects and has extensive experience in quarry production line configuration , with a total contracted capacity of the large quarry production line , the production of quarry equipment in the South , major projects in the western development , reconstruction and other services, fully meet the needs of the sand used in construction , and its excellent product quality and warm service received by customers of praise!

According to the catalogue of the mobile crushing plant, it can be divided into mobile jaw crushing plant, mobile impact crushing plant, mobile cone crushing plant and combined mobile crushing plant, etc, which has exported to Peru and other countries, aroused many comments from the customers abroad. The mining machinery industry still has room for development, so Hongxing is convinced that good research and innovation is necessary. Therefore, Hongxing will pay more attention to optimizing the features of mobile crushing plant which has great potential and make more profits!