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Xu Jing Pan happen in real road scene. Yesterday afternoon, this beautiful black swan was handed over to the Shanghai Zoo.Staff Minhang District, Mr Wong said the Wildlife Conservation Station, Black Swan is alien species, native to Australia, because of high ornamental value,modelli hollister, at only captive environments (such as zoos, farms,hogan scarpe, etc.) China to survive. He suspected, this may be the black swan escaped from a nearby place of captivity, “probably too fat to fly without moving halfway fell off.””Black Bird” from heavenAt 6:00 on June 4 and more, earthmoving truck driver drove old Xu Jing Pan in the middle,cheap christian louboutin, “I was sitting in the car, and suddenly his eyes Miaodao a mass of black stuff from the sky fell down and lost in front of the front Less than 10 meters. “older than it is curious, off view.”A black bird out on the road, fluttering wings, can not fly, right leg and some blood.” Older than the first time I saw this black bird, sometimes also confused what animal, “I that should not be an ordinary domestic goose, because it is all black feathers, bright red mouth, and neck are also longer than the domestic goose. “older than that in front of the bird is unusual, although injured,moncler pas cher, but still very elegant posture When occasionally wings open,pjs doudoune, it is the image plane fan, seems ready to fly.I do not know how to dispose of old to entrust their brother would “bird” to send home, he will continue to work. 18:00 more to return to the old road is located near Huaxiang temporary accommodation. Old wife gave it to prepare the rice,scarpe hogan, rice, vegetables and a little water, “Big Bird,air max pas cher pour homme,” do not eat “only occasionally head buried in feathers, lament few times, and did not seem happy.”The neighborhood is also home to old to look wonderful,parajumpers paris, it was suggested to kill and eat it,peuterey outlet, being older than rejected. “Although I do not know,jordan pas cher, but maybe this is to protect animals.

certainly not indiscriminate killing!” The old to try to call the Zoo and Wildlife Conservation Station, but has been unable to contact. There neighbor suggested that release is not close to home? Older than hesitated, “Big Bird” seems to hurt, will not be released if caught and then killed,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, or because there is no ability to survive death?Old at the moment did not mind,veste barbour, he thought to call 110. Police to the scene,hollister france, with a police car to “Big Bird” back to the police station and contact the Minhang District Wildlife Conservation Station.Or due to exhaustion caused by too fatYesterday 14:00 more staff Minhang District Wildlife Conservation Station came to the police station,moncler doudoune, the field view of the “Big Bird.” After examination, the black swan in good health. “This is a black swan,barbour soldes, edible fish for a living, native to Australia, is the world-famous bird watching.” Minhang District Wildlife Conservation Station staff Huang said that although the black swan in Australia belong to rare species, but in China has successfully achieved farmed,zanotti homme, each priced at several hundred dollars, does not belong to the protection of animals, “Black Swan is a foreign species, because high ornamental value,tn pas chere, in order to survive in captivity only under circumstances China.” Huang guess, Black Swan reason “heaven”, probably from farmed near places escaped, “are now farmed.

many black swan overweight,parajumpers pas cher, plus flight feathers on the wings are generally trimmed flight capacity greatly decline may be frail and fell off during the flight.