moncler Building 8 each to cover only the 22nd will not build it

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leaflets also declared, “not satisfied with the check-out after three years.”Ms. Fan, Ms. Kong told reporters that three years they have never received the developers on notice of shops that do not exist, or they want the developers to their money back, either to their own shops. Ms. Fan believes that developers of such behavior has been suspected of fraud,moncler, if not satisfied with the answer, she will resort to legal means.The company promises to resolve as soon as possibleJune 11 afternoon, the reporter contacted the Hebei Ji-standard housing. The company official Chen admitted that Tianhong Logistics Park Building 8, a two-story really only cover the 22 shops,cheap christian louboutin, the Department of Planning is a problem, they apologize. As a long time without notice to the owners, but also the company’s mistakes. Reporters asked the Planning, Building 8,nike tn officiel, only a problem, or other building there the problem, the number of people involved,tiffany outlet, Mr. Chen responded that “there is a few people.”Chen stressed that the company does not give Ms. Fan resolved in the walking program,hogan scarpe, in addition to Ms. Fan fill tables often wrong also wasted time, “one uppercase lowercase one will.

an area of ��17 square meters, the price of 86,330 yuan. Ms. Fan told reporters, Tianhong Logistics Park is located in South Third Ring Road East and the 308 national road junction, she felt good location of the lot,air max bw pas cher, and then you can return immediately rent 20,719 yuan three years,barbour france, that is,air max pas cher enfant, in fact, took only 60 000 Multiple bought this shops. Developers also promise helped hire, Ms. Fan was satisfied, thinking that time rented out, and that they can easily earn more rent a.In the contract signed with the developers Ms. Fan in regulations, June 30, 2010 will be the delivery of housing developers. “But after this time,mulberry bags, the developers do not notice the delay in registration of property rights do I have to handle.” Ms. Fan said, after the Spring Festival this year, she began to find Hebei Ji standard real estate developers, property issues for the company has not had a reasonable explanation.Ms. Fan said,mulberry uk, because rental shops to help developers,boutique louboutin paris, her first concern is property rights, has not been to see his house. In May this year, she came to Tianhong logistics park ready look at their shops, let her surprise,zanotti homme, Building 8 (now the A Building) no shops on the 23rd floor,hollister paris, the second floor was just covered floor to 22 number.Ms. Fan said, she found again Hebei Ji standard real estate,hollister soldes, the company acknowledged that indeed only cover Building 8 on the 22nd to the shops, and promised to give her an explanation. But a month later, the money and the house she did not like to see, “the developer or find a variety of reasons pushed around.”Developers never received noticeMs. Fan suffered a similar hole also bought Ms. floor, Building 8, 23 shops. “The house is not,cheap christian louboutin shoes, what about property?” Ms. Hole said she also repeatedly found Hebei Ji-standard housing, has not been resolved.According to plans Tianhong Ms. Fan Logistics Park when offered for sale,moncler uomo, Building 8 is divided into two floors, each floor has 26 shops. However,abercrombie italia, Ms. Fan said, in fact,giuseppe zanotti, Building 8 each to cover only the 22nd will not build it, and they like to buy non-existent shop owners estimate that at least eight.In leaflets Tianhong logistics park on reporter saw a total of 11 buildings in the logistics park.