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Zou Bin accomplice. Both in the implementation of criminal acts for reasons other than the will not succeed, the Department attempted crime.August 26, Tianxin District Court hearing the case, said the case will choose a sentencing date.In addition,moncler doudoune, the reporter also learned that after the unit was informed that his fly chapter style issues, has treated them accordingly. (The above names are not his real name)Reporter correspondent Wang Xiao Yang Gui Xiong (Source: Xiaoxiang Morn”Women were raped exposed police intervention” to track special-actor often certain jingfangxingjuRefers to the rape of women during the incident had been painting homes have closed the woman called the police to stop being presidentMay 26 “Legal Evening News” report.

hoping to calm her carefully consider, not alarm, “he hoped think of other solutions,abercrombie e fitch, I refused.”For Ding accused the reporter again contacted President Wang,gioielli tiffany, but his phone has been unable to properly connected.News someone Actor jingfangxingjuThis morning, the reporter learned from Daxing police, accused of raping women in certain special type of actor often has XingJu. Currently the case is still under further investigation.Text / reporter Dongzhen Jie Police initially suspected that the girl wrote and performed the false casesZhuhai newspaper (Reporter Chen statesman) a teenage girl hands and feet tied, eyes were blindfolded with black cloth, lying in Zhuhai before the mountain under the bridge early in the morning,doudoune moncler homme, what is the situation? Yesterday, the micro-channel spreading circle of friends a horror picture.6 o’clock yesterday morning,woolrich parka, there are people in Zhuhai city under the bridge before the mountains found this girl. Looking at the photo of the girl wearing a short-sleeved denim shorts, foot wear sandals,tn nike pas cher, feet were tied with a suspected black cloth,abercrombie france, his hands were tied back, his eyes were blindfolded with black cloth,hogan rebel, lying in a heap of sand covered with canvas next. Witnesses confirmed that the girl looked on the head are two shopping bags, which I do not know what is installed.Alarm, the police rushed to the scene of Beaconsfield for girls relaxed,doudoune moncler femme, and the girl rushed to a nearby hospital for examination and treatment. Reporters learned from admissions at the hospital, the girl who has no injuries, only the wrist due to appear bundled Le Hen. Taking into account the possibility that the girl suffered sexual assault and other hospitals have been brought together medical.

17:30, yellow mother lying in Jiangbei District People’s Hospital, the body wrapped in disorder with a variety of tubes, chest of clothes, and a mass of dark black blood stain the size of a fist.

gynecological examination, but the girl cried to go home, and refused to accept the gynecological examination. Taking into account the girl’s emotions, the police subsequently removed from the hospital.Police last night informed by the understanding that the woman claimed to be 13 years old, surnamed Nie, Hezhou people. It is reflected in the small Nie, his father has died, his mother unable to raise its own, so its hands tied to their abandoned under bridges. But there are also police suspect, the case may be false cases girls wrote and performed.

a 40-year-old man said after opening the door. Hospital for what happened, the man tight-lipped, shook his head and said he did not know anything.A nearby resident, said the sign painting homes have been taken off for several days,woolrich arctic parka, “this time, every day a police investigation here.”President Wang said the parties had to stop alarmYesterday morning,woolrich online, reporters in the nearby subway station Haidian District Xitucheng saw special type of actor often identified certain parties Ding rape.”I want to take up legal arms, let the facts speak.” Ding said he was not willing to fight and often certain bickering, “out of this thing,chaussure louboutin femme, I’m going to stand up and protect their own interests.””In the evening after the event,abercrombie soldes france, often certain already left, I pick up the phone alarm, President Wang had to stop.” Ding said President Wang snatched her cell phone several times.

a woman said, she and two men after a meal at a painting and calligraphy. Police involved in the investigation.Today, reporters learned that the alleged rape of women is often a certain Daxing police have been under criminal detention.Yesterday afternoon, the reporter again incident Cullinan visits found painting homes, painting homes have closed.Returning sign painting homes have been removedYesterday 17:30 Xu,air max bw pas cher, reporters came again located in Daxing District Keyuan Jia Cullinan Painting and Calligraphy Institute No. 18. May 26, the party has said Ding, where she and President Wang painting homes and certain special-actor often drink, and later was often a certain violence.Reporters saw Cullinan painting homes and Daxing District Traffic Xihongmen squadron detachment in the same courtyard, painting homes is a small courtyard of the hospital. And reporters for the first time to find this painting homes when the difference is,hogan, in the courtyard door, “Beijing Cullinan painting homes” Several gold-filled characters have gone,tiffany anelli, the small courtyard door hung a sign was gone black gold .”Dean is not coming.” Hear the reporter knocked on the door.

such cases happen to her more than once.(Original title: girls hands and feet tied and dumped under Yesterday, Jiangbei Yang Village, is this big yellow wood injured mother. Noon yesterday,collana tiffany, live in the ground floor of the 10th Yang Village positive mother to her grandchildren to go buy ice cream, the result was hit by a piece of falling wood, covered with blood, and the reasons for the fall of wood is strange.Noon yesterday,tiffany roma, live in the ground floor of the 10th Yang Village positive mother to her grandchildren to go buy ice cream, the result was hit by a piece of falling wood, covered with blood, and the reasons for the fall of wood is strange.Her mother was injured headYesterday.