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gave her tremendous pain.Ruibei Ta said, although the pain and suffering, but she did not give up, always looking for treatment. Article 2010 of the day, when search for relevant information online, titled “Focused Ultrasound treatment of vulvar dystrophy,” attracted her attention, authorship is Chengzhi Li. According to the literature of the left-mail, Professor Li Chengzhi and living in Chongqing started to use e-mail to communicate. After a year of communication, Ruibei Ta decided to Chongqing treatment.Adoptive children two-China2000, first came to China, first adopted in Xi’an — not one year old daughter Rachel was abandoned children. to her as her own child, sending her to the Chinese school to learn Chinese, “I hope she can keep in touch with China this piece of land her birth.”Later, another Chinese children into the Ruibei Ta life. Jiujiang an eye suffering from congenital heart disease and was abandoned baby girl.

a bone marrow transplant can save sick Zheng Changwei,moncler doudoune, they pay an eye then what?”” “SickBolt from the blue heavenXiong Yingyu Ze Liu and his wife have two daughters and a son. 33-year-old daughter Zheng Jinrong, two 32-year-old daughter, Zheng Xiaorong, have been married. And many ordinary rural families, the 26-year-old son,moncler uomo, Zheng Changwei high hopes. Two sisters also particularly loved this little brother.In 2002, the 18-year-old graduate from Jiangxia Electrical and professional technical schools. Guangdong Shunde Midea Group went to work, quality inspection work in air conditioning. November 2004, he was deployed back to the Han. 1.7 meters tall guy, likes to play basketball,barbour femme, live in the factory dormitory.

because of serious illness,hollister, many people who want to adopt this child has changed his mind. But Rui Beita accept this child,barbour france, and pay more effort. The child has undergone two major operations, as a single mother, she wanted to raise the cost of four, but also day and night at the edge of the bed. “Now, the baby is already nine years old, quiet and well-behaved.” Ruibei Ta said the two children are her angel, gave her endless pleasure.”After discharge,veste barbour, I would take the baby to the birthplace of their own, so that they do not forget their motherland.” July 5, Rui Beita came to Chongqing, after a careful preoperative examination,giubbotti moncler, Rui Beita well accepted treatment.”I thought their disease can be cured, really amazing, thanks a lot.” Irrepressible joy Ruibei Ta said.Chongqing Evening News report Reporter Yin Qin soldiersFebruary 17, Rabbit Lantern Festival, the town boundary Jiangxia Wuli Village courtyard bears an ordinary farmer family, held a special family meeting. Meeting, 61-year-old father of Ze Liu made a decision: Just let 26-year-old son, Zheng Changwei Fuming, he is willing to donate their one eye. Zheng Changwei’s two sisters also have expressed a willingness to donate their eyes.They do not know whether this really help to Zheng Changwei. Their idea is simple: since four months ago.

very popular. Gesanchawu come home, look at the parents.Last August, Xiao Zheng began to feel a sharp decline in health. “Often feel tired,doudoune moncler homme, go look at the road, climbing trip House are boring.” Pale, who somehow appear blocky green silt, eyelid bleeding, bleeding gums, often unconsciously, into the night often wake up choking mouthful of blood.To Jiangxia People’s Hospital, Xiao Zheng felt vaguely wrong: Look Hematology, doctors do not accept, recommend and quickly transferred. To Concord hospital for a check, was diagnosed with “severe aplastic anemia” patients.”Quickly rule,parajumpers homme, where he lives, then I am afraid that there is danger,” the doctor said, as their father Ze Liu suddenly felt dizzy, “black day.”The doctor gave three options,christian louboutin outlet, a medication to control the disease; two, radiotherapy and chemotherapy; three.

Give yourself a little time, stuck his head out from the endless life, which achievement,air max homme, far more than the kids.Although suffering from the disease, and single unmarried,giuseppe zanotti, but she is a great mother. 54-year-old American female teacher Ruibei Ta seriously ill 19 years ago,christian louboutin outlet, she adopted two Chinese abandoned children with disabilities,christian louboutin for cheap, such as the biological mother to take care of two children. Recently, traveled to Chongqing Haifu hospital surgery,air max bw pas cher, she said, because they do not have the heart to leave two baby to Chongqing surgery should take them, you can also let your baby have a look at their motherland.Pain and suffering for 19 yearsBlonde, blue-eyed, 54-year-old Rui Beita very hearty, either side were holding their two daughters,pjs doudoune, mother and three intimacy. Yesterday,chaussure tn pas cher, the Chongqing Haifu hospital, Ruibei Ta very humorously said, pointing to his two daughters, she is a Chinese mother.Ruibei Ta said,tiffany milano, 19 years ago, 35 years old, she got a “vulvar dystrophy” in the United States, there have been five doctors made it clear that her illness powerless. She said that although the disease is not fatal.