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hospitals also have the responsibility to push not open, “funeral homes and hospitals will jointly negotiated settlement,woolrich italia, lift Shengxuan funeral company agreement. ” said, there are fees when Shengxuan management mortuary funeral because,doudoune moncler homme, in violation of the provisions of the agreement, the company contracted Shengxuan funeral morgue can no longer sign hanging Babaoshan funeral home service station, “These brands have been taken off. “In this regard, the company responsible Shengxuan funeral Shuang into yesterday not responded.120 and 999 emergency personnel investigate whether the agency fee incomeFor emergency workers have reported exposure to accept the remains of “agency fee”, the 120 and the 999 emergency center has been involved in the investigation have said yesterday.120 emergency center official said,abercrombie, according to “strengthen health Style Construction” Nine allowed “” provisions, health workers will never be allowed to collect “agency fee”, once the emergency personnel transported the remains found accepting intermediary fees, certain harsh treatment. Currently,woolrich uomo, the 120 emergency center has been involved in the investigation on the matter.Yesterday,outlet hogan, the 999 emergency center staff said that under normal circumstances, 999 emergency personnel will be based on the requirements of the families decided to pull the body to the funeral home or the hospital morgue. The staff also said,abercrombie france, has not yet received any related complaints from the public, but once found will be dealt with severely. Currently.

his mother yellow and green long to go from Yibin Longquan two clothing business, 11 years old mother met a 52-year-old publicity. Three years ago, one night, yellow green travel,hollister londra, stepfather publicity seedlings into the room,louboutin homme pas cher, took off his pants seedlings. Later, the publicity to threaten to kill his mother by seedlings, make it “hush.” After publicity “kind” in Longquan arranged for school. Every Friday, publicity will use the room key into seedlings, rape behavior.Last December 28, yellow green and assertive organizing a wedding, shortly after pregnancy, and unassuming, and has not let go of her, but told the seedlings that he was with his mother for her to get married. Worried because the mother’s body, seedlings continue to swallow. In July this year, after the birth of his son in Qing Huang month,hogan olympia donna, seedlings finally found the courage to tell the truth stepfather raped yellow green. Mother and daughter finally decided to alarm. (Source: Sichuan LeOne resident said he had seen the night before the incident wearing underwear sitting on the windowsill for a long timeDoctor: Do not rule out the lower body injury is jumping hanging, but look like a wound caused by self-mutilationPolice: Man had to exclude others from harm that might initially think that he is not a case of falls and injuriesHenan Chinese Commercial News reporter Wang WenkaiSeptember 17 at noon.

nameless corpse can not be processed,orecchini tiffany, etc. Since 2004,hogan outlet, the hospital mortuary entrusted to the Babaoshan funeral home management.”Two or more hospitals have morgue, morgue delegated administration over 90%.” Zhou Chan said that at present, the hospital is responsible for fire safety and sanitation, while price control and daily management, primarily Babaoshan funeral home and mortuary parent unit.For emergency personnel to transport the body to the morgue collection agency expenses, Shijingshan Hospital, General Division chief named Li has said the money back to the hospital morgue in private, which is part of the business within the context of what the morgue, can not control, if it is found that the morgue appear case, the hospital will find the person in charge of communication.(Original title: involved remains “agency fee” Funeral service station was Huang Qing Sichuan Yibin woman Legal News reporter, said his 14-year-old daughter for three years when their stepfather long rape. A month ago, the yellow green seedlings collaborative daughter reported to the Chengdu Public Security Bureau police station Longquan District Branch North roads. Reporters yesterday (16),hollister outlet, was informed that the publicity seedlings stepfather was detained, police and prosecutors longquanyi investigation.Seedlings is now a 14 year old second year student. 35 years of age Huang Qing, told reporters in July this year, the daughter of seedlings revealed a shocking thing to make it: daughter was the second marriage unassuming husband raped up to three years, and this time from the blue and yellow wedding publicity has been six months and Huang Qinggang just gave birth to a just over a month’s youngest son.According seedlings that 5 years old her parents divorced.

a man to do health care products sales, rental housing at nude falls. Residents said he was on the 16th night of a man wearing underwear sitting on the third floor windowsill,chaussure louboutin pas cher, may be feeling frustrated.Doctors said the man’s perineum and a three blade fracture. The police in the 27-year-old man’s bedroom and found a bloody knife.Jianshe Road, Zhengzhou City,orecchini tiffany, Tongbai Road intersection with the northeast corner.

the center has launched an investigation of the situation. � Hospital responds Remains “agency fee” is a bad management mortuary businessHospital morgue for the return of the remains of arbitrary charges and intermediary fees issue,bracciale tiffany, Chaoyang Hospital, Jingxi Hospital District (the Chaoyang Hospital West) and Shijingshan Hospital were carried out in response.West Chaoyang Hospital Director General of Health,hogan rebel, said Zhou, former hospital morgue there are many problems in the management,chaussure louboutin pas cher, such as management personnel are not professional.