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there is a sale,moncler doudoune, “Album” stalls, which songs are mostly “long march”,doudoune moncler homme, “Red Flag Song”,abercrombie, “I love the motherland blue” Mao era patriotic songs.In addition to the park, can be seen everywhere in Chinese chess,doudoune pjs, erhu, practicing tai chi,hollister e co, dance swordsmanship, kite, shuttlecock, mahjongg,louboutin pas cher, mention birdcage walk leisurely elderly. These seemingly idle elderly,hogan 2014 donna, their expressions revealing confident,hollister pas cher, calm and relaxed. In Korea, we rarely see such a sight.Anyway, the Chinese seem happy elderly retired older than the Republic of Korea. This is not a question of money,abercrombie pas chere, but the cultural differences. Lin Yutang once said, China has a tradition of respecting and caring for the old, is a national of a happy life for the elderly. We can not help but ask ourselves: As the capitalist countries of South Korea retired elderly, old people happier than Chinese socialist countries do? � (author Yushi Dong, Kim Hye true translation)(Original title: Chinese retired from cultural differences than older happy elderIf the inventory of the past ten days the hottest restaurants.

the release of market power by the vitality and social reform, by creating an upgraded version of the administration building and the Chinese economy to adapt to an upgraded version of the service-oriented government . ” Gao Xiaoping said that it highlights the Chinese characteristics “of reform confidence.South Korea, “Chosun Ilbo,woolrich bambino,” Nov. 3 article, the original question: singing and dancing in the park, retired people, envy lost in China, says the park,nike tn, you will find a unique sight. Groups of elderly together to sing in front as well as a conductor,louboutin homme pas cher, accompanist next and then there are a few. The older one looked hale and hearty and happy. They are often able to attract many onlookers.Lu Xun Park in Shanghai, I heard a loud voice choir elderly. More than 100 people watched the choir team, I asked to know, if you wish to participate at any time. I asked why participating in the choir, they said: “Here we sing together, and let us be joyful mood, you can also pay a lot of friends.” In addition to a rainy day, every Saturday afternoon they were on time here together. Not far away.

in front of the store or point finished dish to take a picture taken. Beijing Morning News reporters Zuo Rizai and Wei Bohuo micro-channel browse circle of friends found a lot of friends in the sun out of his shop on the altar to eat, “not to waste the whole CD” photos.Catering has a term called “rice mouth”, referring to the peak dining hours. Responsible person Qingfeng Baozi Pu headquarters yesterday told the Beijing Morning Post reporter, now on the altar of rice shop has no concept of the mouth, open 7:00 am until 23:00 closed, the store has been queued, “from early evening meals are mouth, especially at noon and in the evening,basket nike tn pas cher, are connected together. “In Qingfeng Baozi Pu store, shop operators on the altar a big shop,tiffany collane, can accommodate one hundred people dining. As suddenly enhance the visibility of the store traffic throughout the day to achieve an average of two thousand people, to maintain this level for several days.Seeking to join Furthest from Las VegasAn article titled “Beijing Qingfeng Baozi Pu shop’s Guide” thermal transfer article recently on the network.

certain non Qingfeng Baozi Pu perfectly. Due to the general secretary Xi patronize, this bun in the capital to the main industry chain fame. Ordinary people rushed to the store to order a “chairman packages” ringing off the hook Qingfeng businessman consulting phone, ask how you can join the intention to join the farthest from the ocean in Las Vegas. Qingfeng this end,woolrich italia, responded that the provinces will join adjust mode. Seeking bunsFrom morning to night are “Iiguchi”Qingfeng Baozi Pu shop on the altar seems to have become a new attraction,woolrich outlet online, the peak passenger flow situation continued. A door can see the point of a dining table with two or three people in the front row of the team, someone came to the team’s end of the station from time to time. Shop hundred dozen seats filled to the brim dining customers, arrayed onion pig meat dumplings, fried liver,doudoune moncler pas cher, mustard three sample dishes almost 89 percent on the table,woolrich prezzi, ordering the stage is also frequently sounded their name, a Customers even humorously for a meal the waiter said “ditto.” The vast majority of customers are with a camera.