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China is already the world’s second largest in Costa Rica trading partner in Latin America, Costa Rica is China’s ninth largest trading partner. Currently signed a free trade agreement with Costa Rica Asian countries,moncler homme, only China and Singapore.”Colombia Free Trade Agreement signed after 2011, bilateral trade and did not immediately close up,doudoune moncler femme longue, but was stepped yearly basis.” Rodriguez believes that this is because the tariffs on many products declined need process.According to the FTA, will be every year or every five years for the cycle to further relax the conditions. Thus,nike air max, in 2015 the Chinese people can buy more, cheaper Costa Rica products, “such as beef trade from the beginning of 2015 will be zero tariff.” He said.Now, Costa Rica, dairy products have been sold in major cities in China, there are several products even began by selling electricity supplier.Rodriguez read college is Chinese culture enthusiasts,jordan pas cher, can speak fluent Chinese. Unfortunately, when the two countries have not yet established diplomatic relations graduating from college,hogan uomo, he spent five years studying Chinese in Taipei. In 2007, China established diplomatic relations with Costa Rica, Rodriguez finally have the opportunity to work in Beijing,moncler outlet, “This is my fate and China.”Chinese people’s spending powerIn addition to commercial counselor,nike tn, Rodriguez has another identity – Costa Rica Foreign Trade Association China office chief representative,chaussure tn pas cher, responsible for promoting a series of activities to promote trade and Colombia Costa Rica’s exports, investment and so on.Costa Rica and China separated by the Pacific Ocean, 14 hours time difference,hollister londra, but also the fastest aircraft flying 20 hours. And far away geographically stark contrast, from Costa Rica to China’s commodity transportation costs extremely low.”Chinese exports to Latin American companies great.

so beautiful!'” Jose? David? Murillo said.Earlier,piumini moncler nuovo donna, Costa Rica’s cultural products, including the media, movies, TV shows,air max bw pas cher, music, few Chinese people’s shadow. But now, there are more than 80 Costa Ricans to study in China. Jose? David? Murillo said, this is only for Costa Rica,louboutin soldes, over 450 million people,magasin hollister france, it is already a lot.The same rapid development of mutual recognition, as well as economic and trade relations with the two countries. 2007 to 2013,pjs doudoune, Costa Rica total imports from China grew more than twice as much.Electronic products are in Colombia bilateral trade an important role. In addition to the Costa Rican exports of consumer products, most Intel chips appear on the Chinese market are from Costa Rica plant, it also accounts for about 70 percent of Costa Rica’s exports to China.Costa Rica Embassy Commercial Counselor Jose? Rodriguez told the reporter, thanks to April 2010 the two countries signed a free trade agreement. Today.

it seems beyond reasonable,air max pas cher femme, in fact, and reasonable.The fate of the two countries?? Jose David Murillo said that Costa Rica ordinary people for the new understanding of ancient China from June 2013 to start – Xi Jinping couple visited a local farmers Zamora.”This thing has changed people’s impression of China in Costa Rica, the locals liked them.” He said it is still some excitement.Costa Rica’s coffee world famous, as early as two hundred years ago to start exporting. Xi Jinping couple tasting coffee at the local residents of the home,scarpe hogan donna, and children talk, “the Costa Rican people to see such an important figure, actually so approachable, like a friend to communicate with them, they are pleasantly surprised. This reflects the Chinese people’s affection for the people of Costa Rica thick friendship. “”To see Peng Liyuan, local residents Lianhu ‘wow.

but these are all empty containers back, which makes it close to a container sent from Costa Rica to China is only about $ 500. American Miami to Costa Rica, but Costa Rica still send a container to the United States require $ 1,hollister magasin,500 at the time, from Costa Rica to the Shanghai port only need 23 to 25 days, this time to a month or even less than the Netherlands needed to Chinese shipping. “Rodriguez said.Each year in September,doudoune moncler enfant garcons, will be held in San Jose, Costa Rica, a 16-year history of the “buyers Assembly.” It is 2013’s “Buyers Assembly” to promote cooperation between the two countries in the Colombian beef regard.2013 Costa Rica overseas investment reached $ 800 million, mainly used in Central America, Colombia, Peru, the United States and other countries to implement infrastructure and business investment projects.