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“Grey” hair is becoming quite a trendy hair colour. I don’t like it.Mon, 9 August 2010 10:06AM
I have a handful of girlfriends in their early thirties, late twenties who are entirely grey, but who have been dying their hair with such ferocity and frequency that I would never in a grillion years picked it until they told me. They hint that one day they’re gonna say NO to fortnightly hair appointments and just let the grey hair shine on through. But they’re not ready yet. Or are we not ready for them? We might be getting close. Cause grey hair’s getting all hip, man.
IT is! It’s not what you would call a particularly natural grey, it’s more a ghostish, whitish, purple-tinged,, silvery grey, just like the streaks Dior and Chanel put through their models’ hair in the S/S 10 collections,, and just like when you put too much toner through blonde hair.

It is! Look, while some (“they”) might say it’s platinum, I reckon LADY GAGA, KELLY OSBOURNE, PIXIE GELDOF, RUBY ROSE and that infant fashion blogger TAVI are all definitely doing grey hair. They were bored of all the other colours on offer! Wanted something new! Wanted to emphasise their extreme youth and beauty with hair colour usualy seen on septuagenarians!

I,moncler jackets, personally, do not love it. I see that it’s cool and edgy and I salute their originality and boldness, of course I do, I just don’t see it to be flattering.
What annoys me about the statement I made just then, about not loving it, is that I have always thought MEN with grey hair is sexy. Case in point: Mr. MATT LE BLANC, who has just come out with his natural grey hair, exhausted after decades of dying it. I think he looks terrific.

I hate that when men do it, they’re called silver foxes and people like me say they look terrific, but yet when women emulate it with peroxide/toner people like me say it’s unflattering and I don’t like it. What a double-standardy little jackal I am! It’s a disgrace.
In my defense, A) MATT’s hair is more salt-and-peppery than silvery, and B) I think HELEN MIRREN looks magnificent with her silvery grey hair and C) I give to charity so by law you’re not allowed to hate me.
What do you think,moncler jackets sale?
Are you with me or against me on this grey hair trend?
Oh look,cheap moncler jackets, it needn’t be so black and white… (are you ready?) there’s gotta be a grey area. (ZING!)
Posted by: Zoe Foster