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let the system randomly sent to the designated people. And this time, “lucky money” is like a lottery, and more with less purely a “lucky.

for many Chinese people, the Spring Festival was meant to send or receive a red envelope this traditional gift.Coincided with the Chinese New Year Year of the Horse, many foreign media have been concerned about China’s “in taste”,moncler outlet online, attentive foreign media found promoting anti-corruption actions by China,,hollister e co, the most typical red or lucky money culture is quietly changing.”Chinese New Year to give children and unmarried youth around the New Year red envelopes as ‘lucky charm’, this custom has spread in China for hundreds of years.” US Cable News Network (CNN) reported Road. Australia “Gladstone Observer” website is vividly described in the article said: “The Chinese New Year red envelopes filled with money, allowing children to become rich.”United States “newspaper” is concerned about the “alienation” as the Chinese New Year red envelopes main custom emerged in recent years. The article said,piumini woolrich, red envelopes, is one of the traditional Chinese Spring Festival. However,,tiffany milano, the passage of time, just like New Year’s money gone up in recent years have become more Song Renqing, also debt of gratitude means. In recent years, this has become a big burden on many people,, and even become corrupt carrier.In real life, people get a red envelope of money is very valued. “Wall Street Journal” says,,abercrombie firenze, for example, a friend of mine last year for the children handed out red envelopes of 300 yuan, after the children open disdain to say so little,, so that he could Xiabulaitai.”Newspaper” that friends and family to the children lucky money out of “human face” and therefore not hesitate to compare with each other, and some people will be lucky money as a covert way of official bribery.The report quoted the mainland media reported that Big Year, 18-year-old Cheng Li (pseudonym) from the visits of “Uncle” in the hands,barbour france, and brought over the “biggest red in this life.” –3000 Yuan. “Uncle,” repeatedly stressed that the New Year.

let the children buy something delicious. And such a large amount of “red” largely because Li Cheng’s father in a local government office.Li Cheng said that a similar red tug of war,basket nike tn pas cher, the annual home to be with several unfamiliar with “Uncle” staged several times. Li Cheng father introduced during the annual Chinese New Year, Happy New Year to come to their subordinates, etc.,doudoune moncler, will give children red envelopes stuffed like, hit a large amount,nike air max 1, he will be in the New Year on behalf of another “salute.”Foreign media noted that with the deepening of anti-corruption activities, the Chinese red envelope culture entered a “new era.” Singapore Asia News Network as “” lucky money “to enter a new era” as the subject reported that the traditional Chinese New Year custom of gift money to start this year, some “different.” In the network today, lucky money have begun to “digital” electronic red hot up.Reported that this year,doudoune moncler homme, the traditional folk envelopes are “redefined.” In the phone application,hogan olympia uomo, a “red envelopes” craze is unfolding. On China’s micro-channel mobile chat application,moncler outlet,, since January 26 on the popular “red hot.” The application allows users to send “lucky money” by means of electronic payment.Reported that the traditional Chinese New Year lucky money in the digital age is more like a game. In a mobile application that allows users to direct the “lucky money” to the designated individuals. The sender can decide “lucky money” in total (the maximum of $ 200 per transaction).

“Indeed it is! Beijing invented,, real estate rooms, housing investment,nike tn 2014, improve sexual rooms, steel housing need, and so on. Now, again invention, since the housing! Beijing invention in the house, from the courtyard, to self-housing should patent! knowledge protection! “(via. Large � Act)”Moonlight: No security window suspected ground frost: the door is not installed raise my eyes to the moon: room no top down and think of home: it is injured Appreciation: This poem reflects the poet as a Chinese man, become feel pain when the house slaves. “: Do not be malicious truth. “Wang Fengjun child love – cheating Zidan – Jun son committed suicide – WangFeng Zidan married – ballin Ge Hui Jie – WangFeng Zidan divorce – Ge Hui Jie unmarried daughter gave birth – ballin Zuoru Kang – Wang Feng Ge Hui Jie break – such as marriage gave birth to two daughters – ballin Zhang Ziyi – such as divorce “(. via uncompromising snake eyes)”Men like the woman is actually driven by primitive animal genes, likes big chest because more nursing ability, like the butt because Alice is more conducive to fertility, like the legs is due to more favorable run, etc. So The boys,abercrombie, when you are not interested in these girls, like boys instead began when a solid chest to prove that you finally got rid of the animal, has become a real person. “? “To China, with US dollars into RMB to buy several houses several mistresses package, tired, sell the house, and then in exchange for dollars. House price appreciation and the appreciation of the renminbi,scarpe hogan, the cost of mistresses enough.” (Via. Black police Long)”Look how Beijing bus bully foreigners – contains four corners of the bus station name – ‘Beijing West Railway Station East’; when the stops to say ‘front door to you please get off the back door.’ I have witnessed two foreigners on the spot dumbfounded,hogan rebel.Legal Evening News (Reporter Li Shi Xiang) “red envelopes filled with cash,woolrich prezzi.” – Reuters and other foreign media so many Western readers to introduce China’s traditional red envelopes,,abercrombie paris. Reported that.