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the family was willing to compensate Yang Xueou 550,000, but only if the deceased family members to issue a letter of understanding, as long as the Procuratorate identified as wrongful death,moncler outlet, it 550,braccialetto tiffany,000 compensation, they also agreed. Final Procuratorate of intentional homicide prosecution, do not agree to give money to the other party.Court decisions show that during the case hearing,hogan interactive, Yang Xueou relatives on her behalf to pay 30,tiffany milano,000 yuan in damages. But Xiao Qin said that the 30,000 yuan they did not take.Xiao Qin said the unanimous decision of the family, will be part of the appeal of criminal civil compensation, will find Procuratorate result of the application of criminal judgments protest.

the compensation is too low. Although identified as murder, sentenced to only 10 years. My dad is the pillar of the family, died of a human life was lost over 40,000, for us,scarpe hogan, is that both life and wealth . “Xiao Qin said his father’s death, she and her mother has been waiting for the verdict in Beijing, in order to save money,moncler outlet, and relatives nearby Fuchengmen shared a cabin less than 15 square meters,hollister, the monthly rent,chaussure tn pas cher, utilities have to 1000 yuan. Because the mother spirit hit and in poor health,barbour femme, does not work now, can only do temporary workers. Her brother had just admitted to the university last year,soldes hollister pas cher, nearly 20,000 a year tuition,hollister magasin, living expenses also have more than 1000 yuan per month, only her family to earn money, but also more than 2,000 yuan monthly salary. A human life is very difficult.Xiao Qin said that in the Procuratorate for examination stage,tiffany milano, and Yang Xueou the families they had been negotiated.

she would stop and look, “I did not expect this result to.”However,doudoune pjs, sitting in the copilot’s friend Yang Xueou had testimony that gave Yang Xueou toll 10 yuan, the other side of the car hit the glass edge to be the rest of the parking fees. She hinted that the car next to someone, but said nothing, glanced at the speed down, then step on the gas to leave. Friends have asked “how people like it?” Yang Xueou looked rearview mirror, said the man fell to the ground, “people still move it, all right.”In addition, the investigators identified the central authority has commissioned on the incident Yang Xueou speed.

constitute the crime of harboring and sentenced to one year imprisonment,moncler pas cher, suspended for 1 year.The deceased’s family claims 88 million yuan at the hearing, the court held that compensation for death, the spirit of solatium criminal with civil law does not belong to the scope of acceptance,louboutin pas cher, dismissed both claims, finds intentional homicide caused to families funeral expenses and other direct losses of 4.3 million yuan. It is reported that Yang Xueou ready to deny the appeal of intentional homicide.& Gt; & gt; InterruptedThe deceased’s family believes lighter sentence pay lessYesterday, the deceased daughter Ding Xiao Qin told reporters that their verdict in criminal and civil parts are not satisfied. “Penalty is too low.

its observation status were identified. Conclusions show that Yang Xueou through the left side rearview mirror to see Ding; sport utility vehicle in a non-normal incident hard acceleration, throttle step closer in the end.Second City Court believes that the available evidence has formed a complete chain of evidence, sufficient to prove Yang Xueou “able to observe the situation of victims want to chase and pulled the door vehicle parking fees run, it is still hard acceleration with the life of the victim’s place dangerous situation. ” After the incident,tiffany milano italia, Yang Xueou no relief,tiffany italia, car fled, the results in the death of the victim subjectively holding a laissez-faire attitude,abercrombie roma, its excuse untenable.Court of First Instance of intentional murder and sentenced Yang Xueou 10 years in prison. Yangxue Ou Yang Songnan father because of the incident the night his daughter sent overseas to escape.