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Zhao went dubious Quzhou,, really found her husband and the woman lived together, and this is actually a small three Yang!At this time,,moncler pas cher, Ms. Zhao was aware that he adopted child, actually a bit like her husband,louboutin femme pas cher, she instantly knew everything. From mothers rejoice now Ruzhui through the ice, Zhao six months experience made her nervous breakdown. After Zhao back to her family lived, until this year did not go back.In July, the husband of a lawsuit filed, the Zhao court for divorce. After the hearing, the judge considered the feelings of both has broken, the plaintiff’s divorce petition to support the law. After a dozen judges mediation on October 10 to promote the parties reached a divorce agreement.(Original title: husband proposed to adopt a child but do not want a small Sansei)EdChinese girls ecological report War MaidenOur adult society, failed to protect the girl.Failed to protect the personal safety of the girls in. Called “public servants” of officials and public officials called “a teacher” and frequently become black hands toward the girls. They lost Honesty and Honor,piumini woolrich,, indecent sexual assault of minors,tiffany outlet, as if they never have a daughter or loved ones.Good girls do not guarantee the legal proceedings. Criminal law of rape and girl sex crimes,orecchini tiffany, but the latter provoked public outrage, because “girl.

still not completely stop the War Maiden. China’s adult community for girls to grow successfully passed the required withstand the “gate of darkness”, but also a lot.Our society must protect the girl. Let the healthy growth of minors society,moncler outlet online,, only with a future.War Maiden Youth Without YouthChina is fast Chinese society is commodity society, adults are unable to compete with the girls harder immunity.Text / Hu Yao-heeRarely been used, “cardamom”, so the word “twenty-eight years” to describe today’s girls, as nobody then “new generation” is the word to describe today’s youth, they are nothing new, covered dust. There are some new vocabulary is specifically designed for their invention – the soft mode, Lolita … change is not only these young girls always used to say poetry. But now,hollister paris adresse, poetry has long been not popular, young girls also poetic further away.Girls materialized and objectified,abercrombie france, in fact,abercrombie,, are infectious diseases of the adult world.

” said the sentencing standards and actual performance. It did not become offenders curb sword, has become some wicked heavy responsibility to avoid legal umbrella.No guidance on the values � f the good girl. China’s adult social condone and encourage them for fame,, test scores, high income,tn air max 2014 pas cher, material, sexy,, adult lifestyle pursuit,tiffany outlet, and the lack of guiding them to the traditional etiquette,abercrombie, interpersonal norms, safety,, fitness, useless things,ciondoli tiffany, diversified development attention .Good girls do not aid in the social system. In addition to the campus, many girls line eighteen years of age,doudoune moncler femme, stay young girl,hollister online, single girl, girl compensated dating girls and issues, it is difficult to obtain from the legal, community, family,woolrich outlet, social, charitable organizations,parka woolrich, educational institutions,louboutin femme pas cher, and social counseling and other aspects of synergies care.Even for those who rape girls implemented chemical castration or sentenced to death.