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tools of crime.Explain the motive,moncler pas cher, the flow Yu Xuan said: “wanted to kill to get some money, so the Internet to find the killer.” Early July 2012,air max femme, he met online named “imperial clothing,chaussure louboutin pas cher,” the man,sweat hollister pas cher, who claimed to be killer. And “imperial clothing” cackle some arms smuggling things flow Yu Xuan feel really talk to each other like a killer, so out of a “Never kill large orders,” said a retired IT elite kill, killer Paul at the end income is 10 million yuan, and stressed IT elite who no bodyguards, no social background. Subsequently, “Huang Yi” put codenamed ADAM killer “black” was introduced to Yu Xuan flow.”Black” is Li Xiaogang,louboutin femme pas cher, who Jiangyou city in Sichuan province,bracciali tiffany, before the incident is Jiangyou City, a vocational school students. Yu Xuan contact on stream after Xiaogang told each other, “mission” is to find a retirement villa IT elite, by Xiaogang its control, flow Yu Xuan to replicate IT elite computer data, if the other party revolt will kill.In fact.

the flow Yu Xuan called “mission” is fabricated, according to his confession, he just wanted to get some money to kill the wealthy. “The first half of 2012, I heard someone Bishuizhuangyuan because immigration to Canada,nike tn pas cher magasin, the price of 22 million yuan to sell the villa,doudoune moncler, I went to the villa saw room and tried to kill the owner get some money.” Flow Yu Xuan said.Flow Yu Xuan also said that he used to visit three or four times by contacting the owner,christian louboutin, is a person found each other at home,barbour international, “I felt the other object is a good start.”To raise money to buy a gun to kill a computer businessmanAfter listening to the stream Yu Xuan “task”, Xiaogang immediately agreed, because he always wanted to play this role killer. Xuan Yu Xiaogang proposed to allow the flow of the first ready to kill tool.

and gave a sell guns flow Yu Xuan URL Dianqian let him buy a gun.July 10 is the flow Yu Xuan and Li Xiaogang meet the agreed time, Li Xiaogang take evening flight to Beijing. In the afternoon, the flow Yu Xuan to bring his girlfriend to Dalian play grounds,hogan scarpe, to his Uncle borrowed 5,000 yuan. The money is not enough to buy a gun,barbour soldes, in order to raise money to flow Yu Xuan thought of killing myself know when selling computers second-hand computers Suppliers Dumou.The reason to kill Dumou ridiculous stream Xuan Yu said, because he was selling computers to Dumou when Dumou heard that like guns, so this buy a gun,louboutin pas cher, he immediately think of Dumou.The evening of July 10, Li Xiaogang to Beijing,hollister pas cher, the flow again to conceal the murder Yu Xuan reason.

At 0:01 on the 12th, before the two men emerged from the south gate.In addition,bracciali tiffany, police are still dead Dumou phone call records found that the phone on at 21:10:20 on the 11th to 23:21:46 and a phone number beginning with 157 consecutive calls. The phone number is 157 at the beginning of the stream Yu Xuan use.July 13, police convection plume Xuan residential surveillance. At the same time, police found the driver of the car that night Zhu, Zhu after the taxi driver identification,felpe hollister, evening the two men in the car the more fat a person,abercrombie online, it is the flow Yu Xuan. July 15, the police decided to convection plume Xuan criminal detention. � whopperStudents start looking for a killer price remunerationEvidence before studying at Beijing Geely University, Yu Xuan tells stream incident and on July 15,hogan olympia, led police to identify the location of the crime points and threw the stolen goods.