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ah, slipped under the truck!” Shouted Mr. Lin. Huge banging and shouting,moncler pas cher, the nearby people are attracted.We see this situation, all gasped. See deceleration minivan remains downward trend,barbour paris, so many people together into battle,air max bw pas cher, he pushed the top of trucks, while others got a brick block in the Wagon Wheel,outlet peuterey, the truck fixed.Students under the slope, suddenly realized immediately disperse. Lin off a look and found his Mercedes dented the front.Dangerous finally lifted,parajumpers paris, and everyone on Lin thumbs-up.

Fuzhou twenty-four secondary school students go to school carrying a bag. It is because the owners of Mercedes-Benz fought a danger to resolve,christian louboutin for cheap, students unharmed.Scene playbackTruck slip slope hundreds of students unawareYesterday evening,giubbotti woolrich, the reporter went to the scene of the accident. Under the guidance of passers-by and reporters along the secondary direction along twenty-four Fuzhou walked toward the mountain. Reporters found that three or four meters from the school where there is a ramp. The top of the ramp is a “V” shaped forks in the road,christian louboutin soldes, Fuzhou, and a twenty-four sites are located in the “V” word on both sides.Roadside a Moroccan chef can still remember the day, passers-by to talk about this scene. Master said that morning, he heard talk over the site where workers matter.

are frightened,parajumpers pas cher, has also been praised Mercedes-Benz owners have done a great thing in the street,zanotti pas cher, but for the specific situation,barbour france, he did not know.Yesterday, the reporter linked to Mercedes-Benz owners Lin, he told reporters on the scene was breathtaking.Lin said he was as usual, next to the school site to view the scene, the car parked in front of the ramp on the site. In front of his Mercedes, parked minivan.He had just parked car,air max homme, not the flame,louboutin soldes, it was found in front of the minivan was moving toward the direction of his own Mercedes slid down. At that time, small trucks and Mercedes have distance 1.67 meters, he is fully time,giuseppe zanotti, played a direction, you can avoid the minivan. But he did not.Because, behind him, was carrying a bag of high school students go to school, a dense mass, the less there are hundreds of people. The students were talking and laughing, and some are still gnawing bread, for the impending danger, they do not know.Mercedes dented front of passers help push the topStudents looked back, Lin did not hesitate, did not play direction, but grip the steering wheel, ready with their luxury cars to withstand one million minivans continue to the next slide to avoid it hurt students.Getting closer,doudoune moncler femme, Lin’s heart in his throat. Only to hear the “bang”, a small truck hit heavily Mercedes.”Come on people.

in Fuzhou printing, has been circulating a positive energy thing. A Mercedes-Benz owners, see the next slide slope truck, drove his luxury car, stubbornly resisted the next slide truck. Down the slope,giubbotti moncler, is carrying a bag of hundreds of high school students go to school. “Bang”, Mercedes-Benz truck rammed impartially. People who heard the cry,scarpe hogan, the students heard the sound of the collision and cries,abercrombie france, came before, immediately to disperse.Comparable movies breathtaking scene took place in at 7:00 on the 14th and more, the incident occurred is along the mountain road in Fuzhou. At that time.