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the doctor said there is a certain danger to donate bone marrow, and after exclusion will be relatively large,moncler piumini, but the 35-year-old made up his mind, she knew it was the last way to save brother’s life, “Even if only half of matching consistency, I will also donate! “To raise 300,jordan pas cher,000 yuan surgeryThought about selling a loan sharkAfter matching the success, the high operation costs has become the biggest problem, just a bone marrow transplant surgery will need $ 300,000. And Feng Jianfeng chemotherapy once every month at present, each costs up to 20,000 yuan.To raise money,piumino moncler, a man tried the approach. Feng in Zhaoqing Guangning home built an area of � ver 100 square meters of the house, and now wants to sell for cash, but no one is willing to buy. People still think of a loan shark, no one Kenjie.Desperate occasion,louboutin heels, Third Sister Feng Jian and new wife secretly planned to sell their kidneys, while the two are planning, but not intended to be know, he cried and said: “If you want my sister and my wife to sell their kidneys to treat my illness, I prefer not to live … “Transplant conditions are ripeLack of surgery aloneGuangdong Provincial People’s Hospital Hematology physician Tan Youping introduction, after chemotherapy, leukemia cells in Feng Jianfeng has been very low.

very suitable for transplant, the cure rate after transplantation is 50% to 60%. Feng Jianfeng pre-surgery costs to be 30 million, the late anti-rejection, anti-infective and other follow-up treatment even more than 20 million.Feng Jianfeng said,woolrich parka, if you really can not, he is most reluctant to 2-year-old daughter. Daughter still do not understand his father’s illness, every phone will ask: “Daddy, when are you coming home?” Every Feng Jianfeng always unbearable tears.During the interview, the wife of a small Weng sat,nike tn pas cher magasin, constantly wiping tears. She is only 25 years old, a lot of old than the actual age. Weng’s family knew little sick after Feng Jianfeng, and Feng Jianfeng been asking her divorce, but she refused to live or die. Feng Jianfeng several mind to “catch” her out,nike france, she insisted on staying in Feng Jianfeng side, while working side to take care of her husband.Despite great difficulties,zanotti pas cher, but a person chose to be strong. Third Sister says she only hope someone can help my brother, “even if only to lend to us,moncler, I am also willing to work for a lifetime.”If readers want to help them kindly, please contact sister Feng Jianfeng Feng Jian new Phone: Account: 62284800847327 People March 8 electrical photographer Octavio North � Dama Wan Wen recently in Jakarta, Indonesia, took a group of bird rearing chicks wonderful photos. These photographs show these interesting birds an intimate relationship. When smart and lovely bird watching, people are deeply experience the hardships of parenting.The photographer said, there are a lot of birds with human child striking similarities. They all day “doing nothing”, kept chirping,abercrombie outlet, anxiously waiting for mom and dad to bring back something to eat. These greedy little guy does not fly, they staggered sitting on the branch, waiting for their parents to bring back the delicious, every time I see their loved ones back, they will be more than shouted excitedly.To feed this bird you son.

extremely busy every day. In order for children to fill his hungry stomach, they not only have to fly long distances every day, and listen to on the way to face many dangers (such as snakes and cats). These photos show the fully skilled adult birds flying skills: they can take to eat in the sky, or the edge burrs fed chicks.56-year-old Dama square revealed that he kept taking pictures in the past few weeks, so the bird and instant capture pups warm down together. Although bird life looks very difficult, but they are never tired,christian louboutin pas cher, work has been very hard. Photographer hope that each person can see photos and more grateful to their parents, thank them for the hardships we pay raise. (HigFive Chinese newspaper (Reporter Ye Shixin correspondent Wu Leting,woolrich bologna, Wufeng Ru) because his son threatened to “clean up” his father heartless son of a gun shot. Recently, five Chinese court of intentional murder and illegal possession of firearms graft and sentenced to nine years in prison HuMou peach. After the verdict, peach Humou not appeal within the statutory period,abercrombie soldes, the verdict came into effect yesterday.It is understood that the two sons of peach Humou Hu Mouyun irascible.

often because of trivial altercation with his family, for the family of domestic violence. February 10, 2013,christian louboutin sale, Hu Mouyun and because trivia Momou beaten unconscious by his wife.17:00 the same day, Hu Mouyun home, father and son because the daughter was playing something falling out, Humou peach let his son give money to the hospital for treatment to a daughter, did not think his son is not only grateful, but scolded Humou Peach eventful,hogan, it was torn down in the yard, and threatened to “clean up” the old father.Peach Humou a grief stricken, feeling his son has incurable, rather than let him “clean up” their own, not as good as their first “clean up” to him. So, Humou peach possession of the room to come up with their own hunting guns towards Hu Mouyun body shot,louboutin pas cher, which killed at home.After his son lying on the ground, neighbors advised Humou peach son to hospital, but desperate peach Humou refused,air max femme pas cher, bluntly bad son sent directly to the crematorium. After the incident, Humou peach active alarm, truthfully confess his son after the shooting.The trial,moncler uomo, over seventy Humou peach crying.