moncler piumini Zhu total money stolen more than 3000 yuan

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more than Delta garden owners Yonghui Supermarket (Delta shop, the same below) pulled up in front of a banner in protest.Since March of this year,moncler piumini, Yonghui Supermarket rented the third floor position after renovation, it is inspired contradiction between the owners and supermarkets. According to a person in charge of Yonghui Supermarket, “Two weeks ago, the owners had to stand down on the 4th floor rooftop throwing feces.”A lot of dissatisfaction led to several owners pull the banner of protest”Protest! Also my quiet life! Civilized city! Uncivilized supermarket! …” Yesterday.

in the downstairs residents, regardless of the supermarket side loading and unloading times,zanotti femme, often issued a “bang when” a loud noise in the middle of the night, the entire district who can not sleep.This, East Express reporter from the mouth of the other owners have been confirmed,red bottoms, one of the owners to come up with their own earlier shooting video as evidence,woolrich parka, video display,parajumpers femme, night, a worker from downstairs after a trailer being pulled,barbour france, issued a “bang when “sound.”Endure for a long time!” Said the owners,zanotti homme, either way,air max pas cher pour femme, they will not have to pull the banner.Supermarket: Owners make a radical move more than onceLi Yonghui Supermarket Customer Service Department admitted that the contradiction between the owners and supermarkets, and has been for some time. He said that from March this year rented the third floor of the supermarket began renovation since become increasingly intensified, except this time pull the banner, the owners also done more radical things, from the roof to the floor downstairs throwing feces, resulting in two Name supermarket customers “lie gun.””Around two weeks ago, there are customers out from the supermarket, who was suddenly splashed urine, we climbed on the fourth floor to see, also the owners rush down.” Li said,boutique louboutin, when they found a fourth floor bamboo poles.

in the same way they stole 17 shook the car money. In this way,hollister italia, Zhu total money stolen more than 3000 yuan, is one yuan coins. Because they do not respect portable, and easy to arouse suspicion, Zhu coins in Huilongguan replaced banknotes banks, each bank for a 300 yuan. In addition,christian louboutin outlet, in its live in a hotel in the nearby bushes,hollister milano, bicycle basket are in possession stolen coins. The money spent in addition to the treatment of acne more than 1,tn soldes,000 yuan, and the rest have been squandered Zhu of. Zhu is trying to control the police in committing the crime again.(Original title: Beijing Huilongguan a man to cure acne pry 30 children shookEastern Express (Reporter Chenxue Fang Lin Liang draw text / Chart) “bang when! Bang when! …” Video Fuzhou WORLDTEX garden owners provided, 2:00 supermarket employees pulled the trailer came from downstairs, hitting the ground wheels, loud sound. Because of this,air max homme, yesterday morning.

a few micro-Bo pictures, banners filled with characters out there in front of Yonghui Supermarket. When reporters arrived at the scene quickly east, banners have been transferred to the outside of the channel Yonghui supermarket warehouse, dozens of owners gathered here,christian louboutin discount, with Yonghui Supermarket want an explanation. More than owners about, Yonghui Supermarket warehouse now used for warehouse, used to be a garage, was rented to illegal supermarkets, accumulate a lot of goods,red bottom shoes, smoked days stench of garbage generated, reducing the environmental quality of life within the district did not say, produced Noise is also a serious nuisance.This is a residential and commercial real estate,tn pas chere, reporters at the scene observed can be found mostly on the first floor storefront, the second floor was rented earlier Yonghui Supermarket, the current 10-year lease was due to,parajumpers pas cher, in turn rented the third floor of the supermarket ready expansion. And on the third floor above, it is the residents houses.The owners said that Yonghui supermarket warehouse.