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September 13, 2010Examiners from across the country came attach to determine who are the best teams from the ultimate week of college footballaction.
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Rank,educate (points) – #1 votes
1. Alabama(1043) – 36
2. Ohio State(992) – 2
3. Boise State(920) – 2
4,moncler jackets. TCU(876) – 1
5. Texas(837)
6. Oregon(815)
7. Oklahoma(790)
8, Nebraska(771) -1
9. Iowa(748)
10. Florida(731)
11. Wisconsin(647)
12. Arkansas(514)
13. Utah(481)
14. LSU(464)
15. South Carolina(421)
16. Auburn(384)
17. Miami (FL)(349)
18. Stanford(339)
19. Michigan(246)
20. Penn State(185)
21. Arizona(171)
22. West Virginia(164)
22. Houston(164)
24. California(119)
25. Florida State(56)
Others receiving votes: Pitt(52), Oregon State(50), Missouri(39), Georgia Tech(30), Air Force(28), Oklahoma State(26), Clemson(26),moncler jackets men, Texas A&M(23), Georgia(21), Texas Tech(19),, North Carolina(16),moncler, Fresno State(15), Michigan State(15), Virginia Tech(eleven BYU(nine Kansas State(eight Northwestern(eight Notre Dame(7 Washington(six East Carolina(four Cincy(4 NC State(three Kentucky(three Nevada(2 Boston College(1),
USA Today/AP Top 25