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the landlord is Guo aunt.According to Guo Niangshui, she rarely saw Zhou Zhou’s parents, children learned from parents in Wuhan,moncler uomo, Zhou Zhou grandmother at work. “Things just made a few days, wake up at night to sleep at night, can not figure out how all these things, the heart of this knot is not open.” Zhou Zhou Guo grandmother and aunt almost the same age,barbour femme, the two together more often chatter Laoke.”He came home from school to see my courtyards, never take the initiative to say hello, if I say hello to him, he also shall cry into the house.” Guo Niangshui, if in a hurry on Sunday, hold the child in the house can not come out one day. “September 1, 2012 moved in, doing lived here for a year and a half. Grandmother grandson good, Zhou Zhou is also very good for his grandmother, grandmother heard with stubborn mouth. Child is very obedient, but also help Grandma work. “Guo Niangshui.Under the same roof in a year and a half living Guo aunt seems very quiet apart from the outside.

Zhou Zhou is a good boy flawless.After days of visiting reporters found that Zhou Zhou live comfortably, in addition to a little inside out,abercrombie fitch, in fact,moncler outlet, is a well behaved child, then what is the cause of his grandmother began killer it? Please tomorrow concern “Tanghe staying young pro-killing case (below).” SouWASHINGTON founded in 2003 in Hangzhou silk textile world,cheap louboutins shoes, in small local celebrity.Owner surnamed Yu, 42 years old, Xiaoshan Xintang man and wife Wang Xiaoshan linpu people.This couple years of hard work, great period in the company, with more than 300 employees, the main products the US market.

with annual sales of $ 30 million, annual profit of 20 million yuan.When the funding strand breaks when everything, have become clouds. Yu boss debt, borrow money or a lot a lot. In February, he was family and I run away, and fled to Qinghai hiding. Once, angry employees blocked the factory gates. May 16 this year, the police finally in Xining a 60 square meters of rental, find Yu boss a four.Yesterday afternoon, Yu boss XingJu, thick black eye, looking anxious. However,barbour femme, he has still think that they leave the Northwest is seeking new development, as long as a year or so, with the accumulation of personal connections in the past,air max bw pas cher, there should be possible to make a comeback.His business, how to go step by step such a field?In 2010, with World silk textile mutual guarantee companies go bankrupt,parajumpers paris, the company secured more than 5,000 million secured loan,barbour soldes, making it about 180 million yuan of bank loans to the bank’s annual interest payments of up to about 20 million yuan.So, Yu boss and his wife began to borrow money to their friends and began monthly interest rate of 2-3 points.Later,pjs doudoune, because of deficits, the funding gap is growing, they began to 5-9 four minutes of the monthly interest rate loans.When this incident, they couple folk to more than 100 million yuan loan, the monthly interest payments would light more than 3 million yuan.”As long as I can bring back a new contract, the storm will pass.” Yu boss parade Xiaoshan accent, until yesterday.

Yu boss and his wife has XingJu, the case is under further investigation.Yu said the boss, bank loans can be repaid through a part of the auction and other guarantees, in addition to his total of more than one hundred million yuan loan to 20 people, most of them are relatives and friends,hollister femme, and some specialize in lending. He said he would find ways to repay, never implicated others.But when can pay off, who can say.Newspaper correspondent Zhang Ke topNewspaper reporter Hu could have(Original title: owe a million, World silk textile boss family and I fled on foot in Qinghai was brought back 80 days later thExtras “play” others tried to do cardBeijing News (Reporter correspondent Liu Yang Guo Haili) to benefit from the Office of the bank card, FAN, who chose to Beijing Film Factory gate hired three extras, “playing” identity for all the major banks to do.Recently, FAN 7 people arrested for the crime of obstruction credit card management, in Changping District Court trial.June of this year, FAN met online a man named “Xiao Han” (handled separately) person. Xiao Han told the FAN, you can find someone to help a bank card, after accomplishing, FAN can commission from 100-170 yuan.In order to be able to find more people to apply for bank cards together, to get more profit, FAN Lee, who has got to help,parajumpers femme, and the people who can do card locked in a perennial gathered in front of the masses Beijing Film Studio actor body.Files show that four people holding others FAN Xiao Han identity provided in Beiying Chang door and found three looks a bit like extras identity, and who promised to do impersonation identity card success You can get 50 yuan commission. Three extras agreed.

his heart seems to have dreams.Fled 80 days, remember. February 25 this year, Yu boss alone to Shanghai meeting, this day is the day of the month to pay interest, it is no money to be had also,Giuseppe Zanotti, he and his wife contacted told her to be ready clothes to school to pick up two children.Wife with a hundred thousand dollars in cash, opened the Mercedes-Benz sports car with the two children from the Xiaoshan arrived in Shanghai, and joined her husband in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport.They began to discuss how the foot.Initially, the idea is to go American customers,moncler, but not a passport two children, his wife also mistook took account of this when the passport, can not exit. The couple decided to abandoned the vehicle and fled.Thus, a four taxi to Henan, began in a small town in rural Henan live for a day, but due to bad conditions for a place. They eventually to Xining, rented a small house 60 m2. During the two children are not reading, a family of four daily rent in hiding,moncler pas cher, in fear.The head, the company has raged. At 14:00 on March 1,barbour pas cher, the Bank announced the shutdown of silk textile, and held a general meeting of all employees.At 9:00 on March 2, Xintang streets and payroll management company organized. In this process,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, some employees emotional. Finally,boutique louboutin paris, in the streets of Xintang efforts to protect the interests of employees, the event is resolved.Suspicion of illegal deposits from the public.