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by MamaDragonfly2677
360 FollowersSuper-Sweet Summer Hair Styles and ColorsCover PicSee all 17 photosNotice?Super short- Super sassy Summer Styles:聽
Here,moncleroutletonline, I am going to show some really sweet, really hip, stylish summer hair-do’s. Not only are they HOT, but they are SO COOL! Also, a few hints and tips about changing the COLOR of your hair… From barely different, to DRASTIC change… (I also made them big so you could see the details!)
Are you BOLD enough to make a statement? Read on, and find out!

Super short,moncler women, Super Sassy Summer Styles:
These styles are meant for those of us who like to make it short, and sweet,moncler jackets sale, in the least time possible… Not only are they awesome styles, but they are sexy, and simple to do! So this summer, don’t plan on spending all day doing your hair for it to look great! Just plan on turning some heads! (Also, see my hub “Hot Hair Tips for 2009” for some really great short hair styles!)
Super Short Summer StylesSee all 17 photosThis is an awesome style, (as in my Hot Hair Tips Hub) it’s super-short, super-sexy, and there is nothing to it! Yet, isn’t it beautiful?See all 17 photosThis short bob style is perfect for summer! Whispy, and sexy, easy to do,discount moncler jackets, and just about any shape face can wear this style!See all 17 photosCasual, yet mysterious… Sexy, and innocent at the same time! Highlights in this style show texture and volume.See all 17 photosHow cute! Spiked in the back, and sweeped in the front. How easier could it get? This style has many options, and all are simple ways for absolute versatility!Super Shaggy, Super Simple Summer Styles:聽Want some perfection added to that pretty little head of yours? Don’t take my advice, SEE FOR YOURSELF! These shaggy do’s really make a statement! Sexy, sweet, summertime styles for every shape face, and every hair type! Read On!
Super Shaggy, Super Simple Summer Styles:See all 17 photosWhere could you take this style? (MANY places!) Swept out at the bottom, bangs down and out! SIMPLE!See all 17 photosPretty, and pretty easy to do for gals on the run… Middle part is uneven, giving it personality, while flipping out the ends. Chunky frost added for texturizing.See all 17 photosI really like this one. This style says “I’m cute, and innocent,moncler womens, yet I’m wild, and dangerous! Choppy bangs and razored sides complete this sexy look.See all 17 photosShaggy and simple. Wet look, or not. Texturized for body, and slightly layered for a great style!Super Stunning, Super Speedy LONG & LOVELY Summer Styles:聽Tired of pulling your hair up constantly? Don’t know what to do with your locks? Take a peek here to see how these chickies dazzled up their long and lovely hair do’s!
Super Stunning, Super Speedy LONG & LOVELY Summer Styles:See all 17 photosThis gals hair is UNTAMEABLE! Except of course, with a little T.L.C, and the right styling products, this style is long, lovely, and beautiful.See all 17 photosWhen you have long locks, SHOW THEM OFF! These big, volumous curls are held in place and perfectly highlighted for the right balance. STUNNING!See all 17 photosShorter bangs, with long red locks, pinned up for a night on the town! Absolutely gorgeous hair style.See all 17 photosSimple, sexy, and guarentees to turn heads. Is she an angel? Or a devil?COLORS from simple change, to drastic change…聽Are you BOLD? Do you like attention? Or are you quiet and reserved? Which hair COLOR best suits your personality? Make a statement? Or natural beauty? Check out these next few pics and see if your like these chickies’ do’s!
COLORS from simple change, to drastic change…See all 17 photosTri-colored magnificence! Blonde on top of red, on top of chocolate brown. Makes a statement, is also distinguished looking, professional, and cool!See all 17 photosDark brown, and hints of red, with blonde chunks throughout the top. SUPER CUTE!See all 17 photosAhhhh… If this could be any more perfect, it wouldn’t be allowed as a hair style! Hot, new ideas all the time! Looks great, doesn’t it?See all 17 photosThis color is a dream! burgandy color, with a touch of pink highlights that blend in perfectly. I LOVE THIS COLOR!FINALLY…聽There are always ways to do your new styles… Experiment until you find what works for you! Determine what shape face you have, what texture your hair is, what colors look good with your skin-tone, and how short you want to go, then take a trip to your favorite salon, and explain to them what your looking for. Taking a picture helps the stylist out, so if possible, find a style you like in a book, or online, and bring it with you!
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