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Ding-dong sound, the system prompts red acquisition to the imprisoned soul. But that only gold cave rat, but did not like the other died in a cloud of death under the monster, a withered corpse,monster beats 2013, but still maintain the original appearance.Red curiously, his hands gold hoop stick, a stick and threw. Bang ground is a, gold cave rat’s body was broken into several flap. The Reds have two eyes stare Liuyuan, this is…… Gold? GoldThis golden cave rat, actually turned into goldRed do not believe some command lich, with the cloud of death and killed a gold cave rat. This golden cave rat remained intact, did not become a withered corpse.Bang, the golden cave rat, fragments of a few big flashing yellow gold”Yeah”Red excited even in the hands of the gold hoop stick it out, this is really the next big hair.Just now, he just hates in front of the golden cave rat too much. Now, he just hates in front of the golden cave rat too littleHe hated not shouted out, “let the golden cave rat come more violent”Although it is in the game, the gold does not flow like in the real world. But, don’t forget the red nations now positionIf these gold fell in the hands of the other game player, basically is used to repair the wall, cover the building. After all, they can’t put these into gold, currency in circulation.But, the red will have system in onceRed has a system in, all rightIn addition to making war machine, strategic materials, similarly, can make moneyThe conquest of the game coin silver coin, divided into gold, diamonds, coin.Before the red country although with mint, can make money, but do not have the sufficient raw materials,monster beats store online, can not be a large number of manufacturing coins.Gold, gold is manufacturing raw materials……A gold cave rat,, a foot and a half meters long. A “golden mouse”, for more than a hundred pounds and a gold coin, also only two, thirty grams of weight…… .Hair hair hairRed sky made a crazy laughterTreasure ah really is a treasure.So, red summoned a red demon soul tower image after another illusion. Every demon soul tower mirror red phantom, has a red body ten percent skills from another point of view, it is every ten demon soul tower mirror red phantom, will have red “Lich call” skillsAlthough, this probability is not particularly accurate, but also little difference. For a time, everywhere is the demon soul tower mirror red phantom, Lich summonedNot a moment, the scene appeared thousands of LichThousands of lich, what is the concept?Red has the world of all things,monster beats by dre cheap, do not wear nothing bracelet, he “golden mouse”.相关的主题文章:

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