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These patrol something was missing……What was missing……Positive thinking, from the risk of home, out of the two “monster”. Their shape and the patrol long very similar. At the height of two meters, shoulder high waist Park, greenish yellow skin of all. Lion nose alligator mouth, CH ú n two teeth out, grow particularly ferocious. In particular, in their heads, bulk Lu à n long count ten sparse, five Yan six s è “hair”, the “hair” wind automatically,monster beats outlet online, hiss, is a like a serpent……And they dress, the guard and just have some similar, as if wearing a light armor on the body like, just the light armour style, very strange, rather like see-through dress in legend……Red realized a “strange piercing eye” on the left in the past, Ding Dong sound, the system prompts: as the broken success. Only the red face was filled with surprise, “clearly indicated as the broken system successfully, but not what I do not see?”Don’t over, red with again a few “strange piercing eye” left in the past, almost time system has suggested as broken successfully, but red is always what information do not see.This time, the red remembered just feel what the patrol is missing. Missing is the head of the name suggests, generally only the special NPC will hide the name, a patrol as if nothing special?Just, now is not the anonymity problem. Arguably, red strange piercing eye as long as broken success, most at least also displays the name of each other. And even if he and the other class is too large, do not see each other’s level, also will show a series???.But now, unexpectedly is what information is not, how is this going?Three five 0,monster beats by dr dre outlet, abnormal signsThree five 0, abnormal signsFeel as if some bad,monster beats by dre studio, red also dare not do anything rash. His heart read a to move, launched the “seventy-two changes” skills, suddenly, into a patrol of the appearance of the monster, only shoulder without carrying the long axes.Then the red come swaggeringly to lay on the ground, act recklessly and blindly bloody hands Du kill walked past. And when the two came out from the house adventurer who monster pass, also nodded to them. The two was the monster also to the red nodded, as a gesture of friendship.Ha son head name, became “become destitute and homeless ha son”, display Du behead the name changed — “homeless Du”.”This –” red a speechless, “the ten villains live too miserable a point? Not become destitute and homeless, is homeless, his face to lose all.”Picked up like a dead dog lying on the ground, there is no air outlet,, blood slot head kept down, was about to die, kill, red have a look around unnoticed, a sideways hid.相关的主题文章:

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