Montgomery County launches campaign to discourage roadside panhandlers

last May. Authorities said Fish, 52, died when a car jumped the median and struck her.Not all panhandlers are homeless, but many are. It makes them a subset of the county s homeless population,Jets Brandon Moore Jersey, estimated in annual surveys at about 1,000. Like many localities, Montgomery has struggled to eradicate homelessness. But the problem remains complex and often impervious to progress. Susan Kirk, executive director of Bethesda Cares, which does outreach work with the homeless, recounted seeing an elderly man recently at the intersection of Bradley Boulevard and Wisconsin Avenue. His sign said he was a homeless veteran. But Kirk recognized him as someone who was placed in housing a year ago.After years of complaints by motorists, the county formed a task force in 2011 to grapple with the question. Officials initially considered making panhandling illegal. But a state attorney general s said allowing some groups to solicit such as firefighters with their the annual Fill the Boot campaign for muscular dystrophy–and not others raised First Amendment issues.Other ideas included adding parking meter-style machines that allow people to contribute without giving directly to the panhandlers. But the machines, which are already in place at a few locations,Custom Jets Jersey, are not effective, Leventhal said. State legislators and county officials also considered trying to limit panhandling by establishing a permitting system, requiring them to register. But Leventhal said such idea would only have reinforced the county s liberal nanny-state image.So, they have settled on a public awareness campaign that includes bus ads and a way for people to give with their cell phones. By texting SHARE to 80077,Nick Folk Jersey, donors can send $5 to the Community Foundation for Montgomery County, a nonprofit group that will distribute the proceeds to groups working on the problem.Leventhal said he hoped the initiative would make a difference,Elderly mom exerts control through tantrums, sulking, but also acknowledged that the issue would never disappear. Begging has been with us forever, he said. Buddha was a beggar.