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Beauty and sexy flight attendants also climax.At the time of China, flying is the privilege of a handful of people, to open a letter of introduction to buy tickets. From the beginning of 1975, by China’s civil aviation passengers on international flights, are free unlimited supply of Maotai.Widespread use of large aircraft, so cheap flight possible. The advent of low-cost airline, leaving flight become within reach.Southwest Airlines is the originator of the low-cost airline model,mulberry uk, founded in 1971, began a profit every year since 1973,abercrombie, known as “the most successful airlines.” Its purpose is simple, to provide only the most basic needs of travelers want: low fares, reliable and secure, high-frequency,air jordan 4, and the way the flight, comfortable cabin, travel experiences, first frequent flyer program, smooth check-in terminal processes, and friendly customer service. Under this purpose,christian louboutin outlet, whether young and beautiful flight attendant, is not too critical.Frankly, these budget airlines flying experience is not good: the airport in remote, urban transportation to the airport is sometimes more expensive than the tickets; a small plane, narrow seat, boarding pass no seats,red bottom shoes for women, first come, first sitting,louboutin shoes, Europe’s largest airline – – Ryan even going to open to sell standing tickets; baggage fees, artificial-in fee, the front seat selection fees,doudoune moncler, meal fees will be charged for some of the toilet; stewardess mostly as burnt the papers,hogan scarpe, not of some makeup, Meals sell coffee sold, sold hand with selling duty-free goods,tiffany milano, also taking into account the currency exchange.

is indeed a manual labor.Want to become a qualified flight attendants, young and beautiful light is not enough.The primary functions of the flight attendants actually maintain flight safety,boutique christian louboutin, followed by the care of the passengers. Some unsafe airline stewardess zone must undergo a rigorous flight safety and first aid training requirements for flight attendants to learn Wing Chun Hong Kong Airlines, Emirates requires flight attendants to learn fighting, at least to subdue a drunk,cheap christian louboutin shoes, Xinjiang Airlines has occurred stewardess uniforms criminals hijacking news. Of course,parajumpers homme, such a scenario does not want to meet normal people.In addition to the occasional emergency, flight attendants basic to the waiter emerged: as food and beverage preparation and supply, machine management and entertainment system, selling duty-free goods and to help visitors take comfort in the cabin and so on. Service is not difficult, but because of the site special, great physical needs that require long standing, more often need to adapt to the time difference, because the cabin air pressure is low,woolrich milano, than dry land, flight attendants and often require heavy makeup,magasin hollister, skin damage will be a lot of flight attendants and menstrual disorder. More rumors,woolrich outlet, flight attendants due to chronic radiation high altitudes, to imagine like normal healthy children, at least to terrestrial life grounded in more than a year.A normal flights as early as nine, possibly as early as 6:00, or even earlier, flight attendants get up, hair, makeup, dress, hurry. To the airport before departure should be.

and so learn to be off the list. See smiling, courteous flight attendants when you board the plane when they may have been working for two hours in advance. If you have air traffic control, abnormal weather or unforeseen circumstances,air max one, they have to appease grumpy passengers. Fortunately,christian louboutin outlet, some long-haul routes, flight attendants have a chance to rest alternately,moncler uomo, some voyage within two hours of short-haul flights.