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hold firmly, gently drive the crane driver will put hooks into the river.Crane fall, when Douglas Hsu’s body only a few meters away from the water,mulberry uk, he let go, jump into the water and swim to the drowning man.At that time the young man has been in a coma, but there are faint breathing, under the irradiation of the bridge lights, pale man.Because the banks of smooth unable ashore, with shore insurance rope,hollister paris, Douglas Hsu and went with the men swam meters downstream, and finally landed in a rubber dam, save the men.Immediately, the man was taken to hospital emergency 120, surrounded by people watching from, thumbs-up, the police, the good kind!It is understood that the man surnamed Zhang diving, 23 years old, Lin’an locals. Orphaned at an early age, he was pulling his younger brother grew up. Due to the special upbringing, work flow,air max homme, January 6 in the evening, Zhang spur of the moment, chose to jump into the river.Douglas Hsu eight police officers from the police, this is not his first save water; the summer of 2008, a pregnant woman as husband and wife then jumped Shaoxi trouble, after more than an hour of persuasion he eventually rescued.Yaohai East station in the provincial capital to two residents of the RC community groups, there is a row of old bungalows there lived three disabled elderly: 76-year-old brother Korean star,moncler piumini, 71-year-old brother and CIVIL CIVIL lover –56 fee-year-old wide silver, since they support each other in times of hardship. In the boys very young, parents passed away, my brother can take care of his younger brother out of journeymen. Today, my brother paralyzed in bed, my brother said to brother pension. Yesterday, the reporter came to their home,air max pas cher femme, to feel deep affection between them. � 60 years agoOrphaned brothers DependenceCIVIL Korean stars and a pair of brothers, because old age, they can only vaguely remember, my father is a businessman selling rice.

the name of a bright flashlight, shining river search. Soon, on the bridge over 10 meters down the center of the water,red bottom shoes, the water there is a shadow Douglas Hsu found his flashlight and saw that the boy’s hair is part of the body did not in the water,barbour femme, motionless.Douglas Hsu Police Association immediately let alone bring life preserver thrown Weifeng on patrol from drowning, but the young man is no response.Fear of life-threatening suicide boy, Douglas Hsu immediately put on life jackets, got the rope, ready to save water.Due to the distance of the river bridge to have eight or nine meters, though to jump from the bridge is the most direct way, but the water dark,spaccio woolrich, Shaoxi a shallow depth, the police did not dare to act rashly, meanwhile,doudoune pjs, did not go on both sides of the river bank of the hole and steps away from the water also has eight or nine meters high, how to go to save?Douglas Hsu suddenly anxious as ants on a hot pan.With police water rescue cranePeople praised the good kindAt this time, a lot of people crowd the bridge, just off a crane.See cranes, Douglas Hsu had an idea, if you let yourself off a bridge crane down to save people, this is not safe and saving of time?Douglas Hsu stopped cranes, crane drivers told to save them.I heard him use a crane rescue, the driver said nothing promised, immediately open to the sidewalk on the bridge, with the rescue.Winter cold, the March weather in the evening, the temperature has to minus.Douglas Hsu climb has been extended outside of the bridge crane hook.

I rarely see him brother had anything to eat all left me, if getting up in the morning,barbour paris, he saw a piece of rice cake on the table, That is certainly my brother last night to get back. “CIVIL recalled the years, says. � 2 23, CIVIL holding behind his brother, so that people with disabilities wife fee watering wide silver to his brother. � 30 years agoBrother found her brother’s wife disability14 years old, my brother CIVIL farming began to give people the opportunity to meet two brothers less. Busy when the body can not get away, slack CIVIL year became the most anticipated moments: he can finally go to visit brother. “In fact, nothing to meet, then, is to ask do not eat enough to eat.” CIVIL said. For the time they “eat” is the greatest happiness.Because there was no money, Korea star could not marry a wife, seeing his brother Laotaibuxiao, became his brother’s marriage knot. Korean star four trustees asking,nike air max femme, until 1976,louboutin shoes, an aunt of the family to find him,pjs doudoune, said to be the village came a beggar woman, “we are hardy people, they live together now.” The woman is due to polio drop silver wide leg disability costs. That year, CIVIL already 35 years old.Silver is widely fee comedown, she is the boss at home, because the family was poor, had to limp legs dragged out begging. Before encountering CIVIL begging her to come out for two years. When married, she just turned 20 years old.After they married, the brothers did not separation.

the mother was dumb. In 1945, his father encountered on the way to grab the business of Japanese rice, shot and killed by the Japanese. That year, 9-year-old Korean star,basket louboutin, CIVIL only 4 years old.They also had a sister, his father’s death,scarpin louboutin pas cher, the family lost its only pillar. Because of economic difficulties, desperation, her mother had to give to others. Frail mother has been in a serious illness two years later because of chronic hunger and malnutrition, and ultimately passed away. The original family of five, only two brothers. Today,zanotti femme, years later, CIVIL memories of his mother,giuseppe zanotti, the only impression is the “whole body edema death.”At that time, the village are living tribe. Serbs see brothers poor, shifts to give them food. Brother and naive, but my brother Korean star knows that he must work to support his brother,barbour pas cher, he began to someone’s home helpers. “My brother went out before dawn, sometimes to come home after midnight. Those years.