Nanning residents installed surveillance cameras will receive government su

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Nanning residents installed surveillance cameras will receive government subsidies (Figure)

5 15, Nanning City Xingning “anti-technology Households” project was officially launched, area residents and street shops choose to install surveillance cameras specified model, each will receive 200 yuan government subsidy. Wishing to install may go to the local neighborhood (village) apply.

install cameras in consultation with the public subsidy policy

XingningAdministrative social security comprehensive management committee office (hereinafter referred to as “XingningAdministrative Comprehensive Management Office”), responsible person, in recent years, the public security organs to strengthen the prevention and control efforts and social security patrols on the street “Robbery Pirates of the “case of the crackdown, street criminal, law and order number of cases began to decline. Because street crime commit crimes space is compressed, some criminals will be robbery, snatch crime locations shifted to the neighborhoods and enterprises and institutions. Some open areas, shops patrol weak burglaries occur frequently, and even lead to criminal cases. Start the “anti-technology Households” projects, mainly in the ip cctv camera power of the weak points of these patrol install surveillance cameras. On one hand, to deter criminals, make up air defense, physical defense deficiencies. On the other hand, such as occurs policing, criminal cases, the camera can also shoot video for the case investigation to provide first-hand information. The responsible person said, they have in some neighborhoods and pilot units installed prevention effect has been initially apparent.

morning, XingningAdministrative Comprehensive Management Office at Minsheng Road Pedestrian Street entry points set up a consultation and to set up four surveillance cameras for live demonstrations, attracted many people advice. According to the introduction, there are four sets of mounting solutions for the public to choose, each program number and type of monitoring equipment is different. “Option One” Only a camera, there are two models available. Without memory function 30-megapixel infrared camera original price 780 yuan, 200 yuan government subsidy, the user’s actual spending 580 yuan to install. In the program, the more the number of cameras, a single camera, the lower the price. The largest number of camera “option four” composed by the 16 infrared cameras, and comes with storage, playback devices, the average 30-megapixel camera in the government need only 400 yuan subsidy.

Chen is a clothing store person in full hd ip camera charge at the scene after consultation he would install eight in-store cameras, but worried about too much power 24-hour surveillance. The staff, the average daily consumption of each camera about 0.3 degrees, power monitoring systems at less than 1 degree. Doing the whole system total monthly consumption of less than 100 degrees, “more than a few security cost more, please.” Operating a state road in sight auto parts store, Mr. Wu, who have recently suffered burglary, loss of several hundred dollars in cash. Although the loss is not, but he was not the effect, on-site registration install two cameras.
Some area residents
installed wireless ip surveillance camera cameras on the property number and location not satisfied, it can come to consult their own reported installed. Staff said district residents can register themselves, put the camera mounted above the door or in their own positions, such as stairs, but also neighbors banded together to install. If a unit floor 20 residents can choose to include four camera program, on average, only invested 100 yuan per household.

It is understood that the subsidies for the installation of the main target area XingningAdministrative people, and shops along the street. Total subsidy installation limited to 10,000. Wishing to install, could this year, July 1 to neighborhood where (village) apply.