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Long long ago, sand making machine did not come to China, use the field it is limited, in recent decades, China has introduced the sand making machine equipment and obtained good research results, let the new system sand machine appear ceaselessly, new sand making machine refers to the model of system sand machine every time. Sand making machine equipment previously only used for mining, stone crushing, now he was dressing production line, sand production line, one of the most widely used equipment in the construction field.

New system sand machine occupies an important position in the mines of rocks of artificial system sand, is he let cobble, limestone, granite, and  ore tailings, stone chips with play sand, improve the value, to meet the demand of artificial sand, in this new system sand machine made outstanding contributions. The strength  as the sand making machine manufacturer, also feel a trace of pride.

Below we to witness the new application fields of sand making machine which:

Architectural aggregate, highway road fabric, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate production.

In the field of water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, highway, highway, high speed railway and passenger dedicated line, bridge, airport runway, municipal engineering, high-rise building mechanism of sand production and stone plastic.

Grinding finely process – mining, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mines,refractories, cement, abrasive etc material breakage.

High abrasion resistance and two times except sulfur disintegration, thermal power,metallurgy industry, steel slag, construction waste crushing and other environmental protection projects.

Glass, quartz sand and other high purity materials production.

Application of new type sand making machine is more and more widely also let sand making machine manufacturers more to see the opportunities, sand making machine manufacturers are constantly on the sand making machine R & D, which also makes the new system sand machine constantly upgrading, survival period and the new system sand machine is short,and will be under a new type sand making machine is replaced by a don’t know how long the current new system sand machine.