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Yang Yu is suffering from a test, he was pale, often fever,louboutins, subject to the risk of being caught in the situation.Three years, Yang Yu family has experienced what fate has thrown at him: his mother abandoned, leukemia, imprisoned father, raising his grandmother died again. Now, three aunts are worried for his life.Yang Yu’s father was ,louboutin homme pas cher, 2011 “,peuterey outlet,” the protagonist, a being that is full of evil image in the media reports.When Yang Xili alcoholism broke Anyanwu (media reports used a pseudonym) home repair shop and who raped his wife, 4-year-old Yang Yu, is home to Anhui Fuyang hospitals to accept the treatment of leukemia, and his grandmother take care of him.Yang Yu looked at the visitor’s eye covered with a different from the age of heavy depression, which reveals the horror, sadness complex look. His forehead compact taut skin above the eyes, locked together, his hands and feet to the kind of “let it go” attitude freely on the bed.He was visiting one kind of people expressed no interest in attitude, his aunt reminded him that he was timid way to greet visitors. Soon, he’ll rely on my aunt’s body around the waist, very seriously listen to his three aunts and visitors conversation. His eyes did not react to this conversation revealing any information appreciation for or against.Aunts recalled his pain, shouting,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, someone must look after him tightly. Wait until after the infusion,red bottom sandals, burning retreat,hollister outlet, he seems everything is normal, no noise no trouble, you can under his bed to the toilet. Back to bed, he lay there another person sit quietly. Do not speak.”He knows everything,chaussure tn pas cher, but say nothing.” His Ergu, Yang Ying, a peasant woman working in Shanghai,christian louboutin paris, with these words summed up the 7-year-old child’s personality profile.FatherInitially.

Yang Yu was brought up by her mother in Shenzhen’s. This is a Hunan woman. Yang Xili was the defense team of the community. Yang Yu Yang Yingying sister seems, Yang Xili husband was feeling good. Sister-in-law than her little brother,tn soldes, did not work, just kids. But they sometimes quarrel. and his wife did not formally registered by the end of 2010, the couple was involved in a domestic dispute in irreparable and therefore parted ways. Yang Xili wife back to her family. Chu remembers his father took him to his mother’s plot: he told his aunt, his father took his mother’s maiden arrived, the result was hit grandfather,louboutin paris, his grandfather so he disgust.He can remember when things happened so small,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, so my aunt were very surprised. Sister Yang Ying shadow memories, after this incident,tn requin pas cher, Yang Yu’s life content has changed, he lost his mother.

� show loveChen Jianguo, readers may want to help in the following ways, to his contributions to the cost of treatment.ShouJuanZhe unit: Zhaoqing City,nike air max, Red CrossBank: China Construction Bank branch in Zhaoqing HibiscusAccount Account: 44001708603053000263 (please specify when relief donations ChenSouthern Reporter Wang Shiyu7-year-old leukemia Yu Yang Linquan People lying on the hospital bed. Ergu asked him if he missed his mother, he muffled his head, his eyes away from the adults around him, seemed to ponder the great thing. “Ask your words?” Ergu also quietly reminded him once. This time,toms shoes outlet, the conversation wards fell into an awkward silence to go, everyone seems to have expected him to be able to say something,barbour paris, we do not speak. Three of his aunt looked at him, the other patient’s family around him.Yang Yu gives the impression that: he did not want to speak, but aware that on this occasion it seems to be what you want to express, to let everyone satisfied. He conflict for a long time, in a sneak look reluctantly looked strange and familiar to the people around them, and then they converge back to their eyes, with imperceptible magnitude shook his head slightly,air max pas cher femme, indicating that his mother did not want to,boutique louboutin paris, and again sank to his silence to go.At this point.