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According to the side of the hardware store owner introduced yesterday around 11:00, because the neighbors smelled the odor coming from the next room,nike air max 1, so he called the landlord next door house. The landlord arrived at the scene found the woman had died, after an alarm. According to the immediate neighborhood to reports, the woman of about forty or fifty years, from Hunan, last Saturday also saw her come down to dinner. Residents her reputation is not good,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, “I usually see her with some five or six-year-old man upstairs.” A housewife told reporters.Reporters learned from a cousin of the landlord, the woman was a year ago to rent here, but did not know her work. Hardware store owner, said the woman of her cell phone and a gold chain were taken away, the scene there is a lot of blood.Veterans tasting birthday cakeFor ordinary people, a birthday is a common thing, but for war veterans, who lives in western Yunnan Tengchong County Monkey Town of Zhang Guanghua, the extremely unusual, almost let him wait for a lifetime. February 17 this day.

the knee has two sons,nike tn 2014, five grandchildren and two granddaughters,site hollister, great-grandchildren also have the largest 16 years old.Wish: to return to Sichuan to parents ShangfenEarlier this year, with the help of relevant departments, the elderly and home to get in touch again, when informed parents,louboutin paris, several Gejie have died when he was very sad.Eating birthday cake, glad for the elderly tearfully said of his birthday wish: 15-year-old out of his own soldiers to now,chaussure tn pas cher, has not been back in 77 years, Sichuan home, now the biggest wish is to return home in Sichuan in their lifetime visit relatives.

because of the Anti-Japanese needs, with the army he came to Yunnan Tengchong, unit designation called “new army” (transliteration) Second Division,christian louboutin pas cher, he was in the fourth group two machine guns,louboutin femme, two battalions re Lance Corporal vice squad, after being transferred to Camp When members of the Ministry of Communications.According to old memories, he had been a soldier for six years, until 1944, lost contact with the troops. Comes to fighting a war with the Japanese, the old man said deepest impression there twice: once in Tengchong Japanese ambush; another is to print mountain monkey bridge (the original names.

that is Zhang Guanghua 92 birthday, monkey bridge border police station in Tengchong border police with a birthday cake and fruit, monkey came Hau Liu Zhai Qing Town Club, chattering away as Zhang Guanghua After the first birthday of his life.Birthday: The first cut the birthday cakeIn the afternoon, when the border police walked Zhang Guanghua elderly gift in hand,giubbotto peuterey, went to the door to greet Zhang Guanghua, holding the hand of the police who kept gratitude: “This is since the war ended, the first time I saw so many people come to me too birthday, also prepared a special birthday cake, thank you! “In conversation, great grandson of the elderly back,tom ford shoes, after a person in attendance, the soldiers would open the birthday cake candles for the elderly plug in music, with the “Happy Birthday to you …” music sounded.

the old man cut birthday cake, this is the first time he cut the birthday cake, and eat a small piece. He Linlei Monkey Bridge border station director representing the whole of the soldiers and wished health and longevity, happiness,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, and told the old man after police officers would often come to see him,hollister online, there is no difficulty, the soldiers will try to help.Soldier: participated in two operationsThe old man said: “I am home in Dazhou, 15-year-old came out to join the army, and we have not been back home in Sichuan, home and two brothers, three sisters,boutique louboutin, but they have gone, and now there are two nieces home, before there has been no news, good news recently I’ve contacted them. “Zhang Guanghua tell you.

according to transliteration) and the Japanese war. His was the second battalion received orders of superiors, to print the mountains of the Japanese ambush, he along with the troops in print mountain ambush,nike air max pas cher, fierce fighting with the Japanese more than 100 people, and he is wounded in the fighting, the chest by a bullet from the side has penetrated the front to the back, bleeding, but fortunately his comrades took him to the hospital in time for treatment, only Jianhui a life.After the injury healed, the battalion commander to let him go even five, but he insisted to go, even bent back to the machine gun because he was not even come out from that, and would like to go with Eren and his comrades to kill devils, because of this the elderly as people with a pole battalion also beat his ass. After that, he lost contact with the troops.Marriage: place to find a wifeAfter losing contact with the troops, the old man met a local woman Jincui Yun. When know, she is very poor, after her husband died,tn, she was a person to assume the burden of the family, he often helped her fetching water, firewood, and slowly they both have feelings, build families. He had also thought back home in Sichuan,nike tn pas cher magasin, but for various reasons,hollister, has not been back. In 1963, he made contact with their loved ones through correspondence, and maintained until 1966 before they lost contact. In 1971 his wife died,air max pas cher, he had wanted to go back home, take into account the family because, again put the idea in the heart. And he wrote back home again, but never a response.He is now four generations.