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construction with Chinese characteristics,nike air max 1, Chinese style, Chinese style philosophy and social sciences,mulberry bags, train a large number Marxist theoretical research and teaching backbone. Around this goal, more than eight years, works in many ways to promote the innovation and development of Marxist theory.

the outline from the Task Force set up to write,mulberry outlet, to write textbooks,parajumpers pas cher, until the final approval for publication. After a rigorous examination and approval procedure,woolrich, but also through more adequate internal investigation and research team repeated discussions during repeated changes into the draft and reported to authorities after consideration of each subject, even after repeated deliberations of the Advisory Committee and the organization of expert engineering Anti-review reform, and finally reported to the Politburo Standing Committee of the examination and approval. These materials, concentrated reflection of Marxism in China’s latest results, reflecting the practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics new experiences,christian louboutin discount, reflecting the progress made by the new interdisciplinary research field.The main objective of this project is to vigorously promote innovation and the development of Marxist theory and construction, promote philosophy and social sciences innovation system and the system of academic discourse.

the “project” of the term broad and narrow sense. Narrowly engineering,orecchini tiffany, referring to the “idea of � group of targets based on relevant scientific knowledge and application techniques,parajumpers homme, organized by a group of people to a certain activity (or some) existing entities (natural or man-made ) into the process with the expected value of the use of man-made products. ” Broad engineering,spaccio woolrich, refers to the process of a team to achieve a certain purpose,cheap christian louboutin shoes, in a long period of time collaborative activities. Marxist theory and construction of our implementation of a purposeful,louboutin shoes, has organized two,modelli hollister, three have collaborative,hogan, four have timeliness or planned, in line with the above definition of broad engineering. Facts have proved that the product of this, each of the results achieved in this project are the research group’s collective collaboration and research.On the preparation of teaching materials.

meat but also how toMarxist theory and implementation of construction projects,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, Comrade Hu Jintao as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee,abercrombie paris, from China to further promote the Marxist era of popular, adhere to and develop a strategic perspective of socialism with Chinese characteristics,doudoune parajumpers, to make a major decision. Since April 2004 the Marxist theoretical research and construction project was officially launched,red bottom shoes, has been eight years. As a long engaged in the study of Marxism in China theorists,louboutins, I started this project is to coordinate the team members and the first batch of key textbook “Introduction to scientific socialism” Task Force’s chief expert, and later became Project Advisory Committee members, full participation in this project. I deeply appreciate the Marxist theoretical research and engineering construction is the foundation of a party’s ideological and theoretical construction, and for strengthening and improving the party’s ideological and theoretical construction is extremely important. Why?This is primarily a theoretical constructionIn modern society.